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How Much Should I Lose?


I want to gain size and strength properly, but my bf % is too high and makes me feel like shit. Can I get an estimate and how many pounds should I lose before I try to gain? I'm 160lbs 5'10"


hmmm, do you have any lifting experience? if you are straight up new to the game, i'd just lift weights and clean up your diet. newb gains are a once in a lifetime opportunity, exploit it. don't worry about losing weight, just put on some muscle.

think about it, let's say you lose 10-15lbs. that puts you at 145-150lbs at 5'10". thats skin and bones brotha.


I have some lifting experience. But I'd rather get to about 10%bf before trying to gain, otherwise I'm afraid I'll flip flop around on my diet from still thinking I'm fat enough as it is.


i dont get it?
what do you mean by flip flop? either way youre going to have to clean up your diet. if you think you wont flip flop on a calorie deficient diet, youre wrong. especially with that attitude.

what im suggesting is eating a lot of healthy foods and working toward gaining muscle.

either way, you're going to have to eat healthy foods. how you look at the end will be much different depending on whether you take my advice or follow your own.

but i digress, if you think im offering you bad advice, i will just answer the question in your OP.

your probably need to lose 10lbs but who knows. i hear the camera adds 10 lbs so maybe youre just perfect as is.



Just eat as you feel is necessary if you'll be too lazy to count macros/calories, but DON'T EAT CRAP. Like actionboy said, newb gains will let you GAIN muscle AND LOSE fat at the same time (aka recomp your body).


I can count calories. I appreciate all the advice, that's why I made a thread after all. However, I think I'm more comfortable going with the lose 10lbs first method. These are my current 1Rms

Deadlift: 305
Front Squat: 225
Bench: 180
Ohp: 140
Rows: 165


you already look like a coat hanger. trying to lose 10 lb will make it worse.

I third actionboy's advice. follow an established program, train hard, and the food you eat will go to the right places. aim for at least 1-2 lb weight gain a month. unless you aren't training hard, it probably won't be fat.


As others have mentioned, I wouldn't recommend going on a weight loss diet, but I also wouldn't tell you to jump right into "bulking up" either. You look like you're just out of shape, so my advice would be to get into shape before you start going after lots of muscle and strength.

Lift weights at least 4 days a week (5 or 6 is better), do cardiovascular exercise, and eat a clean high protein diet.


POIDH... naw I am kidding.

Just start lifting and eat healthy. Don't worry about dropping weight right away. You will shed some fat and gain some muscle if you hit the gym with consistency and intensity.


This, easy enough.

Keep on lifting, add some kind of cardio immediately after lifting or on your off days, and eat well. You're still in the beginner stage, based on your numbers, but you're on track. You just need to give it more time.

It looks like you've already built some muscle on your back, shoulders, and arms, and you can see your serratus (or are those ribs? Either way, you're not fat) but you're getting over-focused on that lower ab pooch (technical term).

Were you ever obese or very overweight?

What does your current training plan look like?

How are you currently eating?


You give some decent advice lately.

I think it is pretty clear he used to carry much more weight and is now afraid of getting there again. That mental hurdle is one he may have to work hard to overcome just to reach his own goals.

I think it will hit home if he understands filling up that skin with more lean body mass will make him look better whether he loses more fat or not.