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How Much Should I Eat While on Pre School


This is kinda off topic
But how do you breathe/brace on tng deadlifts


I take in one deep breath, brace as hard as I can, and hold it for as many reps as possible. I’ll then rebreathe/brace at the TOP of a rep.


Got it, so I’ll learn to brace through trial and error


This is fine. You dont need to ‘pig out’ every meal. Just make sensible choices in the day and have a big dinner.
Saying that, once a week eating like a dumb teenage/big cheat meal can be of benefit at your age. Adjust by making more or less frequent if gaining fat or still not adding weight

Basic supps/minerals like fish oil, vitD3, ZMA also worth considering


how big are your meals if you only eat three times per day? how does a full day of eating look like, what and how much protein sources, carbs and fats?