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How Much Should I Eat While on Pre School


Can you keep that up 7 days a week for the next 15 weeks without missing a meal?


You could follow the nutritonal guidance Jim laid out in his article “Help a friend get stronger”, or in Building the Monolith, or in 5/3/1 Forever instead.


There really is no glamorous answer, eat the required amount all day every day, even when you’re full/busy/forgetful/can’t be bothered.

I eat 4 or 5 meals, I don’t think frequency is critical. Just get your macros in.


I have to if I gotta get stronger.


I disagree that you have to pig out 4-6 times a day, but I agree that you have to eat enough food 7 days a week for the next 15 weeks without missing a meal.


Is a quart everyday fine. I errr… there’s 5 1/2 gallon containers of milk shared between my family


I’m starting to think I’m on ignore…


Sorry, did you say something?


That’s majoring in the minors, like deciding on incline flyes vs pec-deck.

Wendler has an article called “Help a friend get stronger” where he lays out 6 steps to plan your eating. Try to find those tips someplace and then follow them for your next 500 meals.


You’re not dude.
I read that yesterday it’s just that Chris mentioned milk. I’m wondering if there’s anything special about to incorporate it into that meal plan


Ok, cool. So after reading through those sources, what are your thoughts on nutrition moving forward?


I get a big sense of trial and error :confused:


And i’ll have to adjust according to weight gain


I think 3 BIG healthy meals a day is doable for anyone.

Eat at 6AM, eat at 12PM, and then eat again at 7PM.

Once you can do that for 3 months without missing meals, you’ll never have to think about food again.


I can do 4
After i come home from school


It literally tells you exactly what and how to eat. How is that trial and error?

EDIT: I want to clarify that this is NOT a rhetorical question, since so many people seem to think that’s what I’m doing. How is this trial and error when someone literally tells you the exact amount of something to eat?


Even better. I mean this is how you eat. At each meal have some sort of protein, carbs, fat, and veggies/fruit.

I don’t understand what you are confused about.


I might have to eat more in order for the scale to move up. Let’s say I start out by eating 4 meals a day. If the scale doesn’t move up I have to eat more meals


You might get hit by a bus tomorrow and all of this will be a waste.

Follow the advice of someone that has succeeded in helping people achieve your goals.


Ok :slight_smile: