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How Much Should I Eat While on Pre School

Really enjoying this template. Realistic progression. Fsl allows me to practice form
That’s the best part in my opinion
Uhh how much do I eat though

Remind me what your goal is?

Strength and size
Mostly strength


Goddamn dude, it’s been an hour.

Follow this advice from Jim

Develop great eating habits. All diets suck unless they are based on habits. Losing weight is great but only smart, habit-fueled people can keep the weight off. And not ruin their lives in the process. Cutting and bulking are horrible ways of teaching you nothing. Smart eating habits make everything easy. To make things simple, I’ve taken some knowledge and condensed it into 6 easy steps.

  1. Eat 3-5 meals/day.
  2. Have some kind of whole food protein at each meal (eggs, chicken, beef, fish). Full-fat meats/eggs are not bad.
  3. Have a fruit or vegetable at each meal. It doesn’t matter what kind – eat what you like.
  4. Drink no-calorie beverages. Yes, you can drink diet soda.
  5. Have some rice, potatoes, oatmeal, whole grain breads, pasta at each meal. Carbs are not the devil. Make sure you choose foods you enjoy and your body enjoys; don’t choose anything that makes you feel worse or tastes like garbage.
  6. All meals/food should be WHOLE food.

That’s it. This is called developing good eating habits. Eat less at each meal to lose weight. Eat more of each to gain weight. The key is to develop the protein/fruit-vegetable/carb guidelines at each meal. Don’t count calories and be sure to eat your protein and vegetable/fruit first.


Thanks man

What @T3hPwnisher said, if you really need numbers, aim for about 300kcals over maintenance.

Honestly I don’t totally get rule six.

I have whey protein about two times per day at snacks, yet I’m positive I have very good eating habits.

I can see how advising people to get most of their nutrition from whole foods is common sense, but I don’t see how using some supplements for convenience qualifies as “bad eating habits.” Heck, I don’t even consider whey a supplement honestly.

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It is from the article on helping a friend get stronger. It’s about setting good habits. Too many people have every supplement under the sun and never eat veggies. We actually had a dude like that on the supplement sub-forum.


Vast majority should be nutritious whole foods. Don’t see anything wrong with bumping it up with some protein powder if needed, but food is better.

Most important thing is - get used to eating excessively for many months or years to come, consistently, day in, day out, if you want significant strength and size. Never ever skimp on protein. Good luck man.

I really need help with eating. I have no idea where to start. Does it have to be the same thing everyday? 4-6 meals a day with protein carbs and veggies. How will I know I’m eating enough since the the foods caloric amount will vary. :frowning: I don’t want to stall on pressing movements.

err… scale is going up!

age? height?

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Buy a big Asian soup bowl. Fill it with meat, carbs, vegetables and a fat source.

Do that 4 times per day.

That’s probably going to happen at some point but the good news is if you don’t shit the bed then you will get past it.

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16 yrs old and 5’ 11”

And a horrible 179 lbs

Follow the nutritonal guidance Jim laid out in his article “Help a friend get stronger”, or in Building the Monolith, or in 5/3/1 Forever.


You were offered help and told where to start over a month ago, which is why I merged the two threads.

Have you actually put any of the info to use in the last 6 weeks?

What did you weigh in January?

That’s definitely not “horrible” for 5’11", but you do have room to grow. I knew a kid an inch shorter than you and about 40 pounds lighter. That was horrible. Steady lifting and a half-gallon of milk plus 3 good meals every day put on over 30 pounds in a few months.

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I weighed 183 in January. Then got caught up in school got lazy. Soon got discouraged. I also forget i made thread on the same topic. I am trying to make a comeback i’d like to be 200 lbs before school ends

Considering you’ve been losing almost a pound a week, you’re not going to get there unless you start implementing the advice people are giving. You could put on 5 pounds by the end of this month if you change your habits starting today.

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I will
I just need better time management on school days

Drink half a gallon of milk
Then have a 4-6 pig out sessions? Each day