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How Much Rest?

I read Muscle Revolution by CW, so I decided to start one of his programs.

His log reads,

front squat 5x3 90 s rest
bb press 5x3 90 s rest

Am I supposed to perform all five sets with 90 seconds between each set? Or am I supposed to do each separate exercise once, then repeat four times more?

If you are intended to do the exercises back to back without resting in between, this is called a superset and will be noted as such. In general when exercises are listed like you have, that means

Do A, rest, A again, rest…
Do B, rest, B again, rest…

etc. until done. Make sense?

Waterbury also recommends antagonist training in some of his programs. This means alternating between exercises with rest in between like

Do A, rest, Do B, rest, A again, rest, B again, rest, etc.