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How Much Rest Time Between Sets?

Hey, I’m not really new to training, but I figured I’d ask me question here.

How much time should I allow my muscles to rest in between sets? I’ve been letting them rest about 2 minutes in between, is that enough or too much? Thanks…

Just like for sets and reps,there’s no “magic number”.

The time you choose will make the exercise easier or harder…
There are plenty of combinations :
less weight with less time of rest
or heavy weight with more time of rest…it’s up to you…

Oh, thanks.

So will less time with more weight give me better results or more time with more weight?

uh… if you are a beginner , you probaly should be working in the 6-8 range for a compound exercise. Obviously if you go near failure on the sets, more rest will be needed. I usualy rest about 2 minutes for my 3-5 rep range. Anyhow, look at some Thib and Waterbury articles. Its all guidelined so you don’t have to think about it.

I’m not really a begginner though, unless working out for about 2 years is in begginner range…

I usually max out w/ 6 reps of w/e I’m doing but ok so about 2 minutes. Thanks.