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How Much Recovery Time?


Do you have to wait until DOMS is completely gone before you do another workout? Currently I am working out 4 days a week on a split-day routine, and sometimes I find that Im still somewhat sore on the following workout day. I worked my back 2 days ago and was supposed to work my legs yesterday, but I didnt want to do the deadlift because my lats were still sore...


A little soreness is not the end of the world. Train through it.


it's bodybuilding, something always hurts.
suck it up!


I agree with the above comments: unless you are sore to the point of not being able to move, then keep training. It'll pass.


I don't know...this is something that you can answer yourself when you know your body. Personally, if I feel that I'm so sore that I know it'll affect how much weight I can use, hence the quality of my workout, I'll take an off day, or workout another bodypart.

More times than not though, you should just suck it up.


Training sore legs, arms, back etc tends to actually rid your body of the DOM's.


That's true. Also, depending on how long you have been doing a specific routine, the soreness may be a indicator that you need to up your calories. As That One Guy said, it comes down to knowing your body.


I'm no body builder, but this is true. I've noticed this too. After training heavy the first day, I get super sore, but then next heavy day I lift, the soreness goes away right after the first warm up set.

Keep training.


Noticed this as well, have always wondered why


The soreness will tend to dissappear as you lift and pump large amount of blood through the muscle helping to rid of some of the acids that make your muscles feel sore.

I think the reason he was asking the question is to know if it's a waste to lift because your muscles are not healed up very well, and lifting prematurely can simply push back your recovery, ie muscles rebuilding to larger state. NOT because he was afraid of a little soreness and can not handle the pain.


It's not a problem to train when you are still a little sore, but obviously soreness is subjective. If you are progressing from workout to workout then you are probably taking enough days off.


^^thats why i was asking.

nice traps, north dakota.


Carrying over soreness from one session to another isn't going to affect your rate of muscle growth enough to have to worry about it, unless it will affect your lifting capacity.


Thanks, all from 20 rep or higher sets.


You have to know you body.
When in doubt.....train!!