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HOW much protein?

Ok, I’ve really been working on getting my diet in order, and I’m getting good results. However, there’s one thing I’m unsure of.

I train EDT-style 5 days a week, and with that sort of a schedule, my understanding is that I should get around 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight. Is that right?

For me, that would be over 400g of protein per day. How the hell do you get that much protein? I'm getting around 100-140g a day from supplements. Should I up the supplements to 3 shakes a day, or eat more beef and chicken, or am I incorrect in my understanding of protein requirements?

Here are two links: Mass eating 1 & 2 and yes at 266 you’ll be eating alot



Jack, I’d say at least give eating 400g of protein a day a shot. Alot of people have been saying it’s not needed. However for me, I believe it was. I was stuck at 200 pounds for 3 years, then I started eating 400g of protien a day, and I finally grew. It almost seemed like I was on a anabolic supplement/drug with how fast I grew.

As I understand it (from your previous posts), your BF% percentage is relatively high and you are cutting, correct? When the percentage is pretty high (>20%), it’s better to base your protein intake on lean body mass. As such, I would shoot for 1.5g protein per lb. LBM.

What Eric Cressey said. Damn good advice.

Thanks guys. That clears a bit up for me. This still puts me at around 300g of protein a day, but that’s WAY more attainable than 400.

One thing's for sure - since I started upping my protein intake my recovery comes along a lot better.

If upping your protein helped speed recovery, wait 'till you start stretching post-workout and taking fish oil at night!

…and start taking some Surge after your workouts…