How Much Protein

Hi guys. I’ve started keeping a log of what Ive been eating in order to clean up the diet to the max.

How much protein do you reckon there is in -

  1. An average sized lean Beef burger?

  2. Silverside steak (about the size of two fists held together.

I’ll see if I have any weighing scales to get accurate measurements.

It’s just I need to know so I can gauge how much protein I am eating and also how much of the silverside to eat per meal.

Thanks for this gents.

Here’s a photo guys.

wth. that looks like something you would see on

654345.254353 grams

go to and look up 3-4 oz of lean beef or steak (size of your palm or a deck of cards) and do the math

Mate, that slab of silverside is much bigger than a deck of cards. lol

The labeled serving size for lean beef is 4oz (pre cooked), which has ~25g of protein.

Get that scale and measure because “two fists” is a very vague measurement.

[quote]poona wrote:
Mate, that slab of silverside is much bigger than a deck of cards. lol[/quote]

really, get out of here. I was simply giving you a visual of a serving size of meat. That is most likely how fitday or any other calorie counter will list it.

3-4oz = 160 cals for example. that’s basically the size of a deck of cards, how many do you think that “slab” is

Yeah, I read it wrong mate. lol

Then by the time I got round to replying, the forum was acting up and giving me all sorts of errors.

Sorry for questioning you. lol

Thanks for the replies mates.

So a deck of cards has approx 25g protein. I can now judge roughly how much to eat in one portion.

Thanks again gents!

[quote]poona wrote:
Here’s a photo guys.[/quote]

My God, that’s not much more than a meal for me.

Dude if you’re bulking just eat that whole motherfucker and don’t think twice about it.

PS: Theres not going to be much difference if you get 210g of protein or 230g. So, if I tell you that chunk of meat has 35 or 50, what exactly are you going to do different with it. Call it 50 and eat it.

Well for a start. If a deck of cards sized chunk has 25g of protein, then how the hell is that full slab gonna have 35-50g?!

And no Steely, you don’t need to lie to try to impress us.

I bought some scales earlier so I’ll go weigh what’s left of it after I snacked on 6 slices last night (last meal with CC)

For the record, the equivalent in dollars is $13.50 of what the silverside cost.

[quote]poona wrote:
Here’s a photo guys.[/quote]

Making me hungry.

that’s got a ton of information for filling out a food log.

[quote]poona wrote:

And no Steely, you don’t need to lie to try to impress us.

Uh, no worries there, dude-- have you seen my log? That meat wouldn’t have a chance at my plate. Just finishing up the 2nd of 3 6-8 oz chicken breasts as I type.

Don’t be jealous of my squat-o-licious appetite.

Haha, ya greedy monster!

You must spend a small fortune on food every month man!