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How Much Protein Should I Consume?


my log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/fr0IVIan#myLogs

basically, due to my work schedule, I have to do two sessions a day most days so I can hit each body part once a week.

I've read that 1.5g of protein per lb bodyweight should be consumed if you're trying to gain mass. but I'm working more than one body part a day. should I be aiming for more? like 2g per lb or gulp higher?

some days I struggle to make the 1.5g per lb goal (usually when I'm working) but on some training days I've consumed as much as over 400g (280g from shakes). regardless, most days I can beat my training log in at least one exercise and so far I'm gaining weight and my circumferences are going up (but maybe not enough?).


my measures for the last 2 months:

ab 20
chest 7
thigh 9
left arm circ 16 1/8"
chest 38 1/4"

ab 27
chest 9
thigh 10
left arm circ 16 1/4
chest 39 1/8"

ab 29
chest 9.6
thigh 10.3
left arm 16.5"
chest 39.25"

so in 2 months I've gained about 9 lb (I weighed over 191 today), left arm has gained 3/8" circumference and chest 1". keep in mind that I have been unable to do any heavy squatting for 8 weeks nor any heavy pulling for 5 weeks due to injuries.


from what I've heard, the more you consume the better.

If I was rich I'd be consuming 2g/lb myself and I'm not even doing bodybuilding.

Just don't expect to see results twice as fast if you go up to 400grams from 200.


understood.. I know that the difference would be more growth and better recovery but consuming more will not automatically make me heyoooge. I also remember reading somewhere that occasionally some bodybuilders will consume up to 3g per lb when bulking.

I also have the opportunity to dipstick my urine at work and as of a few months ago I'm not passing protein in my urine.

I would just like some input from heyoooge ones who have experienced this level of intake firsthand.


From personal experience, I noticed zero difference between eating 1g per lb and 1.5g per lb. All the higher protein intake did was make me feel like crap.


so you went from 182 @ 10.7% up to 188 @ 14.6% in two months?

start lean body mass = 162.5 lb

after 2 months lbm = 160.5 lb

just sayin'


hah I don't even know anymore. I probably need to get a digital caliper because the tick marks on my cheapo one are hard to read and I've been lazy with the pinch technique. also not sure how good the calculator is. I'd post the URL but I think it will get modchopped anyway.

Teledin - crap like how? more bloated? change in bowel pattern/consistency? lower energy levels? what were your sources of protein?


It probably does not matter too much. You body cannot actually build 200g of muscle a day, its more like 1-2lbs. a month, so whatever that math works out to per day in grams. And many proteins are glucogenic, meaning that your body converts them to glucose when they are present in excess. So by consuming massive amounts of protein, you are really not helping your body at all. Some would even say that you are straining it by forcing it to process that much unnecessary protein. If you are doing any sort of carbohydrate management, its definitely something to consider.


^no, at present I'm only worried about getting in enough nutrients to truly grow with the work I can put in at the gym. I don't want to worry about anything that will limit growth until I diet next february.


Also, you could be hitting your entire body 3 times a week with a basic barbell program like Starting Strength/Practical Programming, Madcow, Pavel 3-5, etc. And you would be doing it in half the workouts too.


Honestly, looking at your log, I wonder if its possible to even make a big enough impact on your body doing stuff like calf raises and shrugs to cause your body to grow much.

And it would probably be easier on your wallet if you stopped trying to consume massive amounts of protein and just kept it to post-workout shakes and foods that are naturally high in protein, like meat and dairy.


??? ok I'll just ignore how my shirts are getting tighter at the shoulders and how there's a bit of a step in between my traps and shoulders where there wasn't one last winter...


as well as ignore the same basic advice that huge guys on here have been trying to hammer across, namely to just fucking eat


1g per pound of bodyweight is plenty IMO, I rarely hit my bodyweight in protein and I am growing just fine.


It was a question, not a statement. And I have a bit of a step in my shoulders without having done a single shrug in my life. Don't recall saying you shouldnt eat either.


Dude, do the fucking lifts you want in the style you want, eat for your goals and make sure you are making progress in your chosen lifts.

Do this, consistently and with an all out effort for years, and as long as your exercise selection isn't retarded you will be bigger and stronger than you are today.

Stop worrying about every nip picking newb on this board is telling you.


The question was do you need more protein?

I would say no. You are getting at least 1g/lbs bw. You are seeing results. What are you worried about.

It would be worth it to take a look at your kcal intake. After all, protein is the material to build the muscle. Your body also needs energy to complete the process efficiently.

I personally believe what others are telling you about training is correct, but that is for you to decide on your own.


You probably already know this, but ingesting a ton of powered protein will make your liver work a little hard. Not saying not to do it, just drink a heck of a lot of water for your liver. Take good care of it. I had my bldwork done, and the BIN, or BUN level on my liver is high. That is explainable due to the protein I take in. I was told by Doc to drink at least a gallon of water a day. I try for 2g/lb....and when I was 165 it was much easier. I am up to 202, and it is hard to hit that 2g/lb.

Water is obviously good for everything else when lifting too.....


personally.. I am tired of spinning my wheels for the last three years getting nowhere. I'm 29 now and there are guys ten years younger who are years ahead of me, so there's another ten years I wasted and can never get back. the thought that I could've been at my current state of development or better ten years ago pisses me off. the thought of possibly screwing up my development again for any period of time drives me CRAZY. it's one of my major motivating factors. hence the nitpicking.


Well gee, you fix the big issues before worrying about the little ones. You wasted a whole fucking decade...and your plan is to eat in a restrictive way to gain muscle at almost 30?

Good luck with that.

You would think the major issue is making sure you are first eating enough calories to gain anything at all.

Your exact protein intake is secondary to this.

It is also less important if eating enough carbs and fat and overall calories.