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How Much Protein Is Too Much Protein?

I basically started my workout routine last monday. I’ve been drinking 1 serving (21g) of whey in the morning (5am) with a bowl of cereal and a banana. Then I have another serving when I get off work (about 1pm) then one after dinner (about 5:30pm) then I have 1 serving of syntha6 just before bedtime.

Is this overkill and/or is it bad for me? I’m basically focusing on size and bulking more than anything. I try to eat as much as I can throughout the day. I am doing masonry throughout the day so it is a pretty damned physical job. On my work out days I do the same with the protein but I also drink a serving post workout as well. I’m currently 6’3" and 177 pounds. If anyone needs additional information I’d be glad to post it.

Well, thanks for the replies ahead of time. I love this site and all of the VERY useful articles, I just can’t find anything on this specific issue. Maybe I’m just stupid :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

Uhh… what?

Is that all the protein you are having in a day? Because it would definitely not be enough. Or are you getting it from other sources such as meat etc and just wondering if you are having too many shakes?

I personally don’t feel that’s overkill on shakes.

This is strictly shakes I’m talking about. So basically about 4 shakes a day. You honestly don’t think that is enough? I was thinking I was drinking too many lol. How many grams do you think I should down a day? Right now I’m doing a 3 day split routine. monday legs/ass, wed pushing muscles, and friday pulling muscles. Most of the exercises are 5x5

Oh, I’m not factoring the protein that I might get from meat etc…

I would get at least 1.5g per lb of bodyweight - but that includes other sources as well. It’s always better to have real food over shakes, but if time is an issue or it just won’t happen have the shake.

Agree with Tumbles… what else do you eat? 4 scoops/day, depending on the scoops, could be anywhere from 80-120g protein/day… which is not nearly enough for you. What’s your whole diet? Maybe then we can say whether or not it’s too much, but, IME… you’re not going to get too much protein.

How much protein TOTAL are you getting in a day? That’s the real question. You need at LEAST 1g/lb of bodyweight.

Relying on protein shakes as your primary source of protein is a bad thing, but there’s no reason you can us one or two a day to help boost your intake.

This is the first thread I’ve read where someone explicitly said they had an ass day.

I think anything over 100g per lb bodyweight is probably excessive when it comes to protein, though I could be wrong here.

[quote]wushu_1984 wrote:
I think anything over 100g per lb bodyweight is probably excessive when it comes to protein, though I could be wrong here.[/quote]

100g per pound eh? Well, for me, that would be… about 35 pounds of protein per day, so you’re probably right.