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How Much Protein is too Much Protein?


i need to bump up my calorie intake. im currently taking 1.5g per pound of body weight, but would 2g per pound of body weight be too much?




1.5g per lb is plenty of protein, there is no reason to go higher. You would be better off getting your calories elsewhere, namely carbs and healthy fats.


YES-No need to go higher than that unless you enjoy wasting money. Up your low glycemic carbs instead.


bumping up to 2gs per pound helped me break through some plateaus but you need carbs/fats (whichever you're on) to be upped as well.

I don't feel like you can just up protein in that spot and benefit. Total calories need to go up in an equal amounts.


Too Much Protein = When you get too fat.


I agree. 1.5/lb LBM is a lot.

The only time I could see going higher being beneficial would be if drugs were involved, or during an extremely restrictive cutting phase.


Or if you're serious about getting jacked...

600 grams a day or bust!


If someone needs a lot of calories, I don't see the big deal with going to a higher protein intake.

If you need 4500 calories a day to grow and you're eating let's say 500g carbs (2000 cals), 110g fat (1000 calories), then you have room for another 1500 calories from protein, which for some could be 2g/lb of BW.

you could just fucking eat high quality food and not worry about it like many do, and probably be between 1.5-2g/lb of BW anyways.


Too much anything= when you get too fat


Just be aware that too much protein can have adverse effects
including, but not limited to,
liver problems and FAT gain.

Yer, dont go overboard with the protein, take a moderate amount that you believe will work for your body type

Some people can afford to take loads, whilst others can not as everyones ability to synthesize protein is different.


Over 9000 grams, I'd have to say.


I like it when people have nothing to contribute, but feel like they need to post anyway.


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