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How Much Protein is Consumable at One Time?

i read somewhere that most people can only consume about 30g of protein at a time and that anything over that does not get broken down and is useless. Is this true and if so how long do you have to wait to be able to digest more? i am asking this because sometimes after a workout i will have a 3 scoop serving of grow and then have another 3 scoop serving before i go to work (about 30 minutes to an hour later). also, how does Methoxy-7 effect this. i know it is supposed to help break down protein, but does it allow you to digest more protein at one time?

The 30 gram figure is a complete myth. However, if you start producing a lot of gas from protein powder consumption (and the protein powder doesn’t contain lactose) then you can correctly conclude that the amount that is producing gas, isn’t being absorbed but is instead being used by bacteria in the gut (the human digestive process does not produce gas.) In general lower amounts of protein, say below 30 grams, are absorbed at pretty high efficiency and as the amount of protein increases, the percent absorption of the extra protein is lower but you still do absorb more if you eat more, with 50-60 grams being very realistic for most people. More if a big meal that takes a long time to digest like a steak dinner.

That statement (30 grams of protein per serving) has never been proven. It of course will vary depending on the size of the individual and the metabolic state of the individual. You’d be able to consume and utilize more after a strenous workout or during breakfast then you would during the day. I’ve heard around 100 grams per sitting for some people…probably at least 50 for anyone. Interestingly enough, I dont think methoxy 7 works by any protein retention type of mechanism. I tried it out a few weeks back and I got really good results even though I was consuming less then adequate amounts of protein.

There is some evidence that body can abrorb really high amounts of protein in one sitting and actually run even more of it in muscle cells than eating the same amount in divided doses. I know this may soud funny but there is some more info in past articles of T-mag. It´s called “the Warrior diet” Just use the search machine.

Where did you read that? That is one of the many myths of Bodybuilding. I have searched and searched for a medical study that states the body cannot use more than 30g of protein at a time. If anyone knows of a scientific study to back up this 30g myth, please post where I can find it.
I know the you should not go more than 3 hours with out protein.

Think about it… a strength athlete weighting over 300 lbs. (like Highland Games Competitors, NFL linemen, powerlifters) who takes in the recommended 1.25 gms/lb bodyweight in protein per day would need over 62 grams of protein for each of his six meals a day. Needless to say, that 30 gram maximum is just another myth that got bounced around so much it became gospel. The body is remarkably adept at processing macronutrients (think Paleolithic man would catch a wildebeast and then eat only 30 grams of its meat at a time?). Eat up!

The “30 grams max of protein at a sitting” is pure myth. Tim and TC have discussed this at length in T-mag at different times; do a search under “protein consumption” and I’m sure you’ll find the relevant passages. But think about it; we’ve only evolved a bit, in the digestive system, from caveman days. Those guys ate tons of protein, and consumed a great deal of it at a time, when they had access to it (like they’d just killed something). With no refrigeration, it was eat it or lose it. We’re still running around with basically the same mechanism inside us; we’re made to consume protein. Another thing: don’t you think a 300 pound athlete needs and will utilize more protein at a sitting than a 140 pound individual? Stands to reason, doesn’t it? Will Brink has had a standing challenge on his website for a long time if anyone can come up with one good study that sets this 30 grams per meal standard, but nobody has. It all dates back to some study a long time ago which has been misinterpreted; I believe Tim Patterson explained it in one of his columns. Your policy of a Grow! shake immediately post-workout and then another an hour later sounds fine to me.

Read Cy Wilson’s article about protein from a few issues ago, it was excellent in explaning what protein is, what it does, etc. He also explains in it that the 30-40-50-grams of protein limit is nothing more than a urban myth and is notbacked up by research. I would bet, and since Cy post here sometimes maybe he can back me up, that the “protein limit myth” was perpetuated by people who were also saying that too much protein is bad for the kidneys. I am just speculating there, but I would bet that that is where it originated.

The 30 grams per sitting regimen isn’t backed up at all. Instead explaining it all out here, I suggest you take a look at the Protein Conspiracy. If there are still any questions, post em.

Just to add fuel to the fire, here, Id like to play devil’s advocate. Although there are NO studies showing an upper limit of protein utilization/absorption at 30 grams, there are NO studies demonstrating that significanlty more can be absorbed either. I think the “safest” statement would be that we dont really know how much protein can be absorbed at a single sitting. To speculate an exact numnber like 40, 50, 100, etc would be equally ridiculous as picking an arbitrary upper limit. I agree that it would make sense that different individuals can absorb more or less than others, but there are numerous factors that affect absorption and body mass is not the only one. I have been thinking about auhoring an article discussing a number of protein intake issues. Cy’s was very good and comprehensive but I have a few thoughts to add to it. There is both new data and some old stuff that I think needs discussing. Perhaps a “protein conspiracy continued” or something. What do you guys think? Interestingly, Im aware of a study in the works that is going to examine the very question of protein absorption in athletes/bodybuilders so we can finally get some data to discuss regarding this perpetual debate.

While I’ll agree that there probably will never be an absolute value given for protein consumption,because of all the variables(LBM,Metabolic Rate,Thyroid, T, GH, and other hormones, type of protein being consumed, your personal rate of digestion and absorption in the small intest, etc. etc.) I also think that 30 grams is still too little! Another issue that I previously mentioned is the type of protein. This plays a tremendous role! In fact, I recently completed an article addressing the types and their effects. Still, 30 grams?! Come on! Perhaps if you are chronically ill, 100 pounds at 52% bodyfat, immobile, and have the worlds smallest intestine. Ok, maybe I’m being extreme, but in the real world, before this myth arose, bodybuilders consumed large amounts at one sitting, and yet, they were successful! Granted, there are other factors to consider, but I’ll never buy the “30 grams for all” myth! That’s just me. Ahh! I feel better!

I feel ya, CY (not literally of course)! I dont believe that a blanket recommendation can be made for all. AND personally I chow about 2-3 times that 30 grams nonsense each meal. But, bottom line, there is no data yet and we can only speculate based on anecdotal experience. Again, I know of some data that is in the works that should shed some light on this issue. Until then, Im gonna keep flooding my GI with as much casein and whey and beef and eggs and chicken and fish and…you get the point.