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How much protein in amino tablets?

Yeah, pretty silly question I know, though can a gram of protein be accurately measured in an amino tablet? I looked at a amino supplement the other day which stated a tablet was a 1000mg/1g of protein derived from calcium caseinate.There doesn’t seem to be much talk about amino’s these days, though protein whey is touted as the best protein source. I thought it makes sense to consume amino’s prior to & after a workout rather than whey, as these would be more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream than whey protein powder, which needs to be broken down into amino’s prior to absorption. Your guy’s input on this issue appreciated.

Im sorry but its really hard to take this question seriously. What a question! Do you really think a horse pill will be digested faster than powdered whey protein? Wow!

I should have specified ‘capsules’ rather than tablets for the reason stated. The question being asked refers to the make-up of the product rather than it’s form. Are peptide bonded or free-form aminos more quickly utilised by the muscles after a workout than a whey protein?

The common 1gram protein tablet is a GREAT SOURCE of dietary
fiber??? Right!!? I used to take these damn things by the
handful. Until one day while sitting on the crapper, I suddenly
heard a bizarre sound: Spluzzzhhha… plop…plop…plop…
Yep, that’s right; those 1 gram protein “bullets” are compressed
so tightly that they almost completely bypass the digestive track.
SO…NO…They DON’T get readily absorbed into the bloodstream!
Besides, the protein quality of the tablets truly BLOWS! Joey Z.

I use a powdered BCAA mix before and after my workout, and yes at least a powdered version is absorbed faster