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How much protein do you take?

I’m 76 kg (165 odd pounds) and have been getting about 200g protein per day, which was an increase for me, (I’m on about 2300 total cal a day) but I’m still not putting on any size. I’m about to try 2g per pound or around 300g per day.

I’m interested how many of you take in 2g per pound and what changes you noticed when you went from what you were on before to the 2g.

I think you need to take in a lot more calories than that. I weigh around 180 and take in 4500 calories a day. Also, take your protein intake up to about 250 grams a day and the rest should come from carbs. That seems to work for me anyway.

I don’t care if you eat 500 grams of protein, nobody gains size on 2300 cals. In fact, I would lose fat reasonably fast at that many cals, and I only weigh 177. You’re getting plenty of protein as it is, getting any more isn’t going to help unless you start eating like a man and not an anorexic ballet dancer.

Alan: Before you up the protein, look at your total calories, so you don’t do a lot of “trail and error” with the macros.

Look at J.B.'s “Massive Eating” calculations…that should get you on the right track.

You can eat all the protein in the world, but unless you actually eat a decent amount of food you will not grow. Try upping the energy to 2700-3000 or above, you will start to grow. 2300kcals is maintenance or below, for that bodyweight.

Upping your protein is a step in the right direction, but if you want to gain size your total calories is a more important number than grams of protein. Try the same amount of protein while adding another 500 cals/day to your diet. That should give you some extra beef.

Where does the protein intake stop. If i recommend an intake, some bodybuilder will double it just to be sure. A study by Yoshimura stated that early trainers needed the highest intakes, (2g/Kg of bodyweight!)the rest were around the 1.2-1.6 mark i think. If you do a lot of training you need calories to burn. Energy is required for growth and repair as this si a metabolic process! The body is most efficient at using carbohydrate for anaerobic or high intensity work. The bottom line is if you blindly eat more protein every time you dont grow fast enough you may harm yourself. As with any extreme, as we all know, the body rebels and counteracts it. Work out your calorie needs using formula involving METS and follow an appropriate plan i.e. 60%Cho,25%Pro,15%Fat. There is an example of this process on this site. If you cant find the info on calculating daily calorie expenditure, see a nutritionalist. Buy some Sport nutrition journals.

2300 cals is not a lot, maybe you just need more calories and not more protein.

I’m 81 kg (180 pounds) and have been taking 300 gr for the past months, and 4000 cals daily, with almost a isocaloric macronutrient breakdown.

I’ve been thinking on trying 250 gr and see how it works.

Just take more good carbs\fats.

i don’t know what body fat % you are, but i’m about the same weight as you at around 11% and if i take in less than 3000 a day i lose weight like crazy. try upping your calories and you should be able to put on some size. read Berardi’s calorie calculations in his massive eating article. by the way, i take in like 250g protein a day, but either way, protein isn’t the reason you cant put on size. 200g should be plenty. its probably your calories.

While on about 320ish grams of protein (I’m over 200 pounds bout 208 now) I would gain about 1-2 pounds a week on aprox 3400 cals a day (average calculation of cals per day a week). Also had noticeble strengh increase. Now on Mag-10 I’m close to 400 grams of protein a day, and close to average of 4000 calories a day per week and am gaining about 4 pounds of weight a week. Like the other posters said 2300 calories is either maintenance or diet. Tho you could be different the general consensus is such, and since you say you aren’t “putting on any size” then bump up your protein and your overall calories.

This post just proves that you are a complete fucking idiot Rik. Show us the study where to much protein can harm us! You can’t, because it doesn’t exist! I just realised something about you, you are a dietician no wonder you have no clue about nutrition. Get the fuck off this site!

I think Rik is a dick. Isn’t there a way for us to vote him off of this site? I’m all for freedom of speech…but this guy isn’t getting it. He’s pissing everyone off!!

Rik you must either be an exercise science student or have a BS in exercise science. I was wondering where i had seen all your info before. It was the same answers i HAD to put on tests to get the right answers. Good thing i think for myself and didnt listen to my prof who just happened to weigh 125.

Definitely bump up the calories, you need to get over 3000, closerto 4000. I did it and saw gains in size and strength.

If we start banning people for being for posting their opinions the we are no better than NAAFA. Let him post his garbage, he obviously knows nothing. Just make sure to shoot him down.

Just wanted to make sure that Alan doesn’t follow Rik’s suggested 60% carbs, 25% pro, 15% fat. That low of a fat intake does not provide a conducive environment for muscle gains. A higher fat intake leads to higher testosterone levels. (of course = more muscle) Also, while chosen macronutrient %'s are largely based on individual factors, most here will agree that Rik’s suggested breakdown is worthless for bodybuilding.