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How Much Protein Do You Have When On Gear?

Ok, so we all know that gear improves feed efficiency but I would like to know how much protein per lbs (or kg) a day you eat. Some people like to calculate it by lean body-mass, while others like to do it on total body-weight.
What’s your approach? How much is wasted if you overeat proteins? They’re the carbs expensive brother, so this would also be a good thread for people who want to cut down on unnecessary spending.

I go off 1g per pound of bodyweight as a basic, more while on maybe even double that. Excess protein will just get excreted in urine or stools! :+1:t2:

All of it.


Depends on if your bulking or cutting…
For me bulk = 1.5g per lb pro & try to run 20x my body weight in cals eat clean
cutting much more difficult… 1.5g per lb pro, .5 g per lb fat, then tapper off carbs 1.5 to .5 over the cycle… Also add extra cardio as I neer the end… AKA the last 2 weeks sux ass… Generally calls at 10x body weight

I hover around 0.8g per lb LBM

Im at roughly 0.9g per lb. This is something I’ve always wondered and all the studies done on optimum protein intake are on natural lifters.

Surely while on AAS, you should be able to get away with LESS protein needed to build muscle rather than needing more?


Iv always understood it as you need more due to the increased rate of protien synthesis. Or maybe not neccarily NEED more but you can benefit from more as your body is capableof breaking down and using more then it can naturally.

As for an exact number I have no idea. Iv heard 2g per lb of body weight while on cycle. Iv also heard people say this is ridiculous. I personally stick to about 1.5g per lb when cycling.