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How Much Protein Do I Need?


im turning 15 years old about 5'6 or 5'7 and weigh about 175 pounds im looking to add muscle mass and power for football and westeling i dont really have a good food choose at school mainly pizza and crap like that so ill normaly pack a lunch of deil meats, how can a get a good protein source and how much should i be eating per day, how much sould i eat after a workout and before a workout, are there better times to eat protien durning that day?



Let's start with the food you have available to you at home. What kind of food do your parents keep in the house?


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we have a lot of frozen diners at my house. then theres lots of canned goods like tuna, soup, peaute butter ect.
my mom normally makes something like chiken, turkey, steak for dinner and some vegitbales on the side
also i have a protien shake that has 46 grams of protien per serving


Frozen diners.Vegitbales.Peaute.

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Around 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyfat is the norm. Eggs, canned tuna, and deli are good, quick sources of protein. Chicken, beef, fish, and if you can get it, ostrich or buffalo meat, are great for meals that would take more time to prepare. Red meat is especially good since it has healthy fats in it, and not only are those sort of rare to come by, but it can get hard to get enough.

For really small snacks, nuts and sunflower seeds work great. Look at beans too, although I don't know which ones are worth it or not. John Berardi does have a chili recipee he swears by though, so they must be good. :slightly_smiling:

After a workout, eating a meal high in carbs and protein is most beneficial. I eat oatmeal with protein powder (add non-fat or whole milk or w/e for taste and consistency). Ideally, you'd have a serving of Surge immediately after you workout, and something like that oatmeal about 30 minutes later. But you're 15, I don't know how important Surge is.

Finally, if you're not eating protein with every meal, you need to re-assess what you eat.


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