How much potassium per day?

I’m doing a cyclical ketogenic diet and want to make sure I take in enough potassium. How much per day is the proper amount?

The RDA is somewhere around 3.5 grams per day. Potassium is not one of those things where it is advantageous to take greatly more than the RDA – in fact that would be a bad idea – but it is a good idea to meet it.

If anyone has Michael Colgan’s book (I do somewhere but I don’t know where) it would be interesting to see what he says on that… what I’m saying is just ballpark and I have never looked into it closely.

By the way, you can’t buy potassium supplements that supply significant amounts! This is because you can kill yourself with them. However, most MRP’s have good amounts of potassium, or if you are instead using a protein powder that does not, “Lite Salt,”
added in a measured amount, will easily bring it up to a good value for daily potassium.