How much post-specialization work?


Something I’ve been pondering lately: after a specialization routine for a given bodypart, how much work should one do to maintain one’s newfound gains? For example, let’s say one does very little direct arm work, opting instead to make compound movements the core of one’s routine, but then does a month of EDT arms and adds a significant amount of arm mass. Once this month is up, can one revert immediately back to the very-little direct arm work kind of routine one was performing before without losing one’s gains, or should one continue to incorporate some direct arm work in order to solidify the gains? If the latter, should one include this additional arm work indefinitely, or would a period of say a month or two be adequate? Finally, assuming some additional arm work is in fact merited to maintain one’s gains post-specialization, just how much is merited? Any opinions on these matters from folks better versed in specialization than I would be most appreciated.

I would like to know this also. I’m actually following the same scenario as you laid out. I did C.Waterbury’s “antibodybuilding hypertrophy program” for a month and I just switched to EDT arms.

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I’m pretty sure that in John Roman’s calf specilization article, he states that you shouldn’t do any direct calf work for a few weeks after his program. Maybe he could chime in.