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How Much (Per Cup) is a Suitable Portion of Rice?

how much (per cup) is a suitable portion of rice?

“Suitable” is entirely context dependent. You current body fat, your overall daily food intake (macros and calories), your goal, your training. A bunch of stuff is involved. It’s like just asking “How much weight should I lift?”

But for you, knowing what I know about some of those variables, I’d say 1-3 cups per day, making it one of your primary carb sources in place of other junk.


Does that mean 1-3 cups after is cooked or before it is cooked? After cooking it nearly feels the small saucepan. It seemed like too much.

Thats actually a question im interested in as well.
@Chris_Colucci when weighting foods such as chicken and rice, do you weight it pre or post preparing?

not Chris, but it doesn’t make a difference so long as you’re consistent.

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I’m assuming Chris was referring to COOKED amount as 1 cup of rice (cooked) is ~50g carbs and ~200cals. I think uncooked is nearly 3x that, which would be likely pretty high for what you need in a day.

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Dependant on your diet, how many meals per day, what kind of macros you’re trying to fit.

A portion of rice for me would be 125g which would result in around 160 calories / 40g of carbs.

I was referring to cooked since that’s, like, what you actually eat. Measuring cooked can also help you eyeball servings when you’re eating out. But yeah, there have been a bunch of threads over the years discussing it and there’s no real consensus because both can work.

Cook whatever you can and keep it in the fridge. Some science-magic happens when cooked rice cools down before being reheated. Beneficial resistant starch is created.