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How Much of Each Supplement?


How much of each of these supplements should one take? I see different numbers and i dont know which one to go with.

Omega 3?
Omega 6?
Omega 9?
Vitamin D?
Vitamin C?

I do take Multivitamins but i feel as tho they dont produce enough of anything to really make that much of a difference.


zinc can be 50-100mg a day
Omega 3 depends on a few factors such as current level of bodyfat - current amount of inflammation - amount of training - what product you have to begin with.
Omega 6- shouldnt be consumed, do your search.
Omega 9 - see above.
Vitamin D - cant tell how deficient you are. How white are you? How much natural sunlight do you get daily/weekly. Good estimate is 5000IU up to +10000IU daily.
Vitamin C - up to 1000mg daily
Melatonin - 1-3 caps nightly depending on how difficult falling asleep is.

What kind of difference are you looking for? I dont know where youre trying to go with this. You can take recommended doses on your bottle. You need to be less general.


multivitamins arent something you're going to 'feel' working. Its not like creatine or some sort of stimulant.

Its more what it prevents, ie, sickness, deficiancies etc....


Zinc: <100mg from all supplements(ie. multi-vitamin/mineral & 50mg tab)
Omega 3: >4 grams per day
Vitamin D: 1,000-10,000IU
Vitamin C: 1-5 Grams(test your tolerance, too much causes diarrhea so increase slowly)
Melatonin: 1-3mg (if groggy when you wake up cut back the dose)