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How Much of an Effect Does Nicotine have on Erectile Function?

I’ve been weaning myself off nicotine after using it as a coping mechanism through my relationship from hell, but I haven’t noticed erectile function really returning, and it’s been pretty poor lately.

I know that nicotine raises prolactin, and mine is already a little high. I’m hoping removing nicotine entirely will fix this.

Any of you guys who smoke/vape able to relate or comment?

Cortisol is prolly dominating you, and it took several weeks for it to manifest itself from stress that goes back. Stress is an erection killer. Back off the stress and laugh. Watch comedies, stop the nicotine, and take some Cialis to give yourself a boost. How old are you?

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Thanks man. Actually I’m my last blood test, cortisol was top of the range (20). I didn’t even think of that.

I’m 35

Just like everything, it takes weeks for it to manifest itself on our bodies. Stress will do a number on you. Its basically a form of PTSD, except its constant arguing and fighting with an ex, and that can drive your emotions and hormones outta whack. So if you take control and learn to manage your stress, you should see the benefits in the upcoming weeks. But stop the nicotine, and find ways to feel good. Also stop watching porn and testing your dick. Cialis at 2.5-5mg should help you bridge yourself to erections that feel right or better than what youre used to. I had a bout of stress and ED hit me for a month, Cialis helped a bit and then the erections became reliable again, but I learned to manage my stress first. Nothing is worth getting really upset about for me anymore. At 35 Cialis is not a bad idea if youre dealing with ED. So like I said. Do something nice for yourself, hug a dog,
Smile, call a good friend, watch funny videos,
Laught it out. This leads to a balance in stress hormones. Hope it helps, and looking forward to hearing that you’re in a better place soon.

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Nicotine is a fairly potent vasoconstrictor

Depending on the route of administration this effect can be compounded. Tobacco cigarettes contain a host of toxic additives (chemicals) designed to enhance the absorption rate of nicotine, increase bioavailability etc. These chemicals not even present within the tobacco plant have further additive effects regarding vascular health/carcinogenicity. Smoking, whilst terrible for you, would be healthier if people grew it themselves… in Australia however possession of a tobacco plant will probably land you in jail… (its extremely illegal to grow)

But yes, nicotine effects erectile functioning

Prolonged nicotine exposure will also fuck up you’re adrenals, ‘tis reversible though (increased cortisol etc)

I’ve smoked cigarettes before (was never addicted, more along the lines of experimentation), never had a problem with erectile function regarding that. Did have an issue with lingering irritation of the throat the next day. Quitting will be one of the best things you do… tobacco cigarettes harm literally just about every type of cell in the body, the damage is systemic and extensive… particularly cardiovascular/respiratory health status will be improved. Within 2 weeks circulation will begin to improve, within a few years risk of heart disease will decline comparative to had you never smoked etc

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I’m 27, so I’m still fairly prime from what I hear.

But i vape pretty much constantly, far too much honestly, without any real intention of slowing down. (About 120mils @ 6mg a week) and I’ve been doing so for about 5 years. I can say, the morning wood is a down a bit, but the libido and ability to get it up when the time is needed is still pretty damn consistent.

Also work the most mentally stressful job of my life, requiring constant attention for a minimum of 9 hours a day. I would contribute this much more to the morning pitched tent decrease if I had to pin it on something.

All that said, I’m pretty active and mobile, and have always been so, so that very well may be a bonus.

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Smoking and diminished cardiovascular capacity will ruin sexual function. Just prior to a heart attack (at age 47) mine was usually just mediocre. Six months out with 3 stents and lots of cardio and lifting its actually ridiculous. Not sure what the phenomenon is, but frequency, refraction period, endurance and everything else are through the roof.

I do chew 4 pieces of 4 mg. nicotine gum per day though, so delivery method makes a difference.

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Thanks, I’ve been getting there! I don’t want to fall into a deep slump so I’ve been actively trying to improve my lifestyle. I suppose the stress could be related to it as well.

It’s been an on and off thing for about 8 months now, and I did stop during October. With the relationship over, I have about zero interest in nicotine and would prefer to not have to deal with the side effects anymore!

I suspect this will also drop my cortisol and prolactin a bit.

I’ve found in the past that any form of nicotine impairs erectile function for me, but it’s never been this long lasting. That’s what’s got me a little nervous.

I sprained my ankle a couple months ago, and it’s finally well enough I’m able to start running again as well.

Been working myself off the nicotine using lozenges. Probably didn’t need them, but I’ll do it for a week or two if it makes stopping easier (for me and for others around me).

So nicotine gum (and other methods of replacement) have conflicting results whether they increase the incidence of cardiac events post myocardial infarction. Anecdotal reports/some literature does demonstrate an increased risk regarding the incidence of vascular events/cardiovascular complications in those high risk… which makes sense, whilst nicotine itself isn’t the particularly harmful substance present in tobacco, nicotine itself does mediate systemic catecholamine release (it is a stimulant), thus making the heart pump harder/work harder, which isn’t what you’d want after a heart attack… not a big deal, just take that for what it’s worth

But yes, certain methods of tobacco ingestion are associated with a lessened risk for certain ailments/cancers such as lung cancer, but they still aren’t safe… about on par with electronic cigarettes

It wouldn’t be particularly long lasting, general circulation improves within two weeks of quitting

Improved systemic circulation, decreased arterial stiffness, increased oxygen delivery to varying tissues within the body, the lungs detox/clean themselves out (but any damage inflicted upon small blood vessels within the lungs is permanent)

Have you seen the reports regarding vaping cannabis and lung illness? If you’re going to vape this stuff… don’t vape cannabis… However a lot of it is media hysteria, it’s still a far cry (even if it’s nicotine vaping causing this) safer than combustable cigarettes considering the sheer amount of deaths/burden of disease induced. The Trump Administration is going somewhat haywire over this, has even raised the tobacco purchasing age to 21 in agreement to not shut down the government down… as if that’ll actually help, it irritates me when people think “we will just slap an age bracket on it, criminalise younger people”… that’s not how it works, if anything it’ll encourage people/peak curiosity, creates a black market/more opportunity for organised crime syndicates to make money, criminalises young users… you’d think we would’ve learnt from prohibition that outright banning shit just doesn’t work

Yeah. Where the rubber meets the road- in the actual practice of medicine–they’ll slap a patch on you right there in the ICU.

Really? They’ll give you a nicotine patch? Surely for a massive cost no?

In Australia these patches/gums are more expensive than the actual cigarettes (which are already the most expensive in the world, about 100$ for a 50 gram pouch), 35-50$ per pack of cigarettes depending on brand and count etc. Smokeless tobacco products including vapes are illegal, in terms of the medical community/harm minimisation efforts Australia is incredibly backwoods (typically about 10+ years behind other developed countries)… We don’t look to be getting any better either as the government continually slaps more draconian legalisation/regulations on everything

As you can see, I clearly won’t be living in Aus during my adulthood. The cigarette price doesn’t bother me at all… I actually think it’s a good thing, but the lack of harm minimisation strategies, the fact that it costs more to quit than keep going etc bothers the hell out off me. They say “we are increasing the prices to protect the public”… decrease the prices of the products needed to quit, make quitting services more accessible, esp for those of low socioeconomic status… you’re not helping people quit, you’re trying to make a profit through the misery of others…

Many other aspects of Aus irritate me, it’s supposedly more laid back in some of the small towns… I’ll be checking them out later this year (too much of Aus I’ve never explored), perhaps there is somewhere in this country I can call home. I live rurally, and it’s considerably more laid back compared to the city (about 1 1/2hr drive for me)… still not good enough. The government/authoritarian bodies don’t appear represent the general populace at all.

Really. Not sure about the cost in the hospital, but regular retail is about a dollar per patch which lasts 24 hrs. Gum is like $35/ 160 pieces, also about a dollar per day.

They’d rather give you a patch than see one drag their carcass outside to catch a smoke, because that absolutely happens too.

huh, it’s like 15$ for 30 pieces, (just checked) perhaps its not as expensive as I thought…

Imagine, you’ve just had a myocardial infarction, wake up in the hospital bed after being resuscitated from cardiac arrest (say you deteriorated into v-fib). you get up… “fuck, I need a smoke”… walk straight out

Something like that happens anyways from placing the stents and monkeying around in there. I guess I had to get jolted quite a bit to get back to rythm/life.

That stuff is tricky.

Yeah man, I’m aware luckily. I’m actually in a lot of groups and petitions against the attempted legislative elimination of ecigs. I also worked in the industry for about 4 years when it started up in my state. Personally I hate being high, I’m already calm and emotionally inept to a sociopathic level, and tend to eat myself out of a home on a regular basis, so I dont care for being even more leveled off.

However, yeah, fuck prohibition. And fuck the government for thinking it can just force regulate ecigs for a couple of deaths related to black market products, while creating clean needle stations for users in certain cities. (I’m not mad about their suffrage being attended to, I’m mad about the hypocritical nature of the government just to be clear)

I like being under the influence of cannabis (not to the extent that I enjoy alcohol, but I enjoy alcohol so much that I tend to abstain… aside from the most special of occasions… entirely as my drinking habits have been… albeit briefly… problematic). I tend to be over analytical regarding many situations, and this can make me anxious, cannabis in general tends to wipe out any semblance of anxiety I have and depending on the type appears to improve my sociability/energy levels (then there also appears to be types that just knock me the fuck out), given the unregulated market here I never really know what I’m going to get.

Well, I’m down to a couple nicotine lozenges a day, so not free yet. Yesterday I figured I could just stop, but several hours later was lashing out at people. Gonna keep tapering.

It’s not bad by any means, I’m sure I could just stop at this point and get by, but trying not to create new problems for myself when a few more days of tapering should do the trick.

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How the hell would anyone even be able to afford to smoke? I smoked a pack a day before I quit and that would cost me more than my damn house payment a month. That’s at the lowest price you stated.