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How Much of a Gain?


How much of a gain would you expect in your 100m sprint time from a cycle of drugs?

Taking into account that your training and diet is up to scratch and that the person was allready sprinting an 11.5 second 100m.


A good high-school 100m time would be under 11 seconds. I would assume this means you are still in high-school. If you actually compete and that is your time (or a friend/athlete you train) you would be better off training naturally for a couple more years. You would do better building running dynamics and building up work capacity during this time.

But to answer your question: AAS (depending on which ones chosen) will enhance recovery capacity and strength, both allowing for enhanced training capacity and work output. Say you were an in-season athlete who ran 11.5sec and you trained hard and according to the training program provided, I would say over the season naturally you could improve to under 11 seconds and with AAS to under 10.8 seconds. You would make more improvements due to the high time (11.5 sec). The faster you can run and the higher your work capacity is already, the lower the improvements.



Naw i was just wondering, im hoping to train for sprinting when my back recovers without aas.