how much nolva

Starting an 8 week 500mg/week Cypionate cycle. Have 20mg nolva’s - wanted to use 10mg/day but the pills I have are too small to cut in half. Can I take 20mg pill EOD during cycle??? (dont know the half life of Nolva) I have a feeling that 20mg/day will be too much during cycle. Going to up it to 20mg 3 weeks after last shot.

i dont think that 20mg would hurt you.

you also might want to consider adding some tren, d-bol, or eq to the mix. unless your drago then add all three.

20mgs is fine. remember nolva is an estro agonist/antagonist. it isnt an aromatase inhibitor. there is no threat of low estro.

I’ve never seen a pill so small a razor blade wouldn’t cut it! Are you sure they’re legit?

I’d say take the 10mg and keep and eye on the nips.

P-Dog, lol.

500mg of Cyp a week doesn’t seem very high to supplement with 20mg of Nolva. But then again, our sensitivities all vary when we inject a test.

I’d start off low with 10mg of Nolva every day. Also, I would start the Nolva until I felt I needed it. Run your cycle, incorporate the Nolva when you feel you need to, then up it to 20mg if you REALLY need to. Like the guys said, use a razor to split your pills if you feel they’re so small. Good luck.

Thanks guys - I’ve run 3 cycles before at 400 (4-5weeks) with no anti-e (other than M) but I want to make sure I dont push my luck too far and I dont want to waste what I have either. I’ll cut the nolva’s in half - they are small though - about 3mm dia. Dont know if they’re legit or not by the way they were shipped but I’m trusting they are!

What kind of gains did you get from your previous cycles?

I run nolva pretty low too. I’m on 1000mg week test with 75 tren ed and 100 winstrol ed, and 10mg nolva daily. I’m just not all that estrogen sensitive. Everybody is different though. I keep my nolva low and then increase it if the nips get a little sore.

I’ve used nolvadex as my main anti-estrogen for the last 15 years and have never, ever had a problem splitting the pill in two. Get a razor blade and do it. You can also go to a drug store and get a pill spitter. I am curious, who makes your nolvadex? I’ve used 10mgs pills which were smaller than the 20mgs pills, but still there was plenty of room to split the pill in half. Interesting.

half life for all you bro’s wondering is 4 days! It might even make sence to front load this then taper off to 10mg/day and increase as neccessary!

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don’t worry bro… you won’t ‘wake up’ one morning with a set of knockers.

your body will let you know in advance when its time.


The first two I did to bring up lagging body parts and it worked fantastically. I always had small legs from basketball and long distance running all through high school. Now my legs are my best body part. My last cycle I really put on the feed bag and gained 20lbs but I did gain some fat. The problem was I would get paranoid and just when things really started kicking in at week 4 or 5 I would come off. It?s been 1.5 years since my last cycle and I know I?ve changed my body permanently and have kept 5-10lbs from those last ones. I hover around 200lbs and have a nice 6pack + I?ve gained about 4in on my quads in the last 3 years. I want to double the length of my next cycle and play with my dosage along the way, and now that I have nolva I can do that.

Well now I?m paranoid they aren?t the real deal. Got them through a fellow with initials RB. So knowone?s seen 20mg nolva?s that are white with no line through the middle and are 3-4mm Dia?


If you got them from RB and there is some color in the name then they’re about 99.9% certain to be legit.

Sweet, in that case I will double everything! Look out superheros here comes testman.