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How Much Noise with Prowler?


Hi all,

I've been a long time reader to the site, finally decided to post since I can't seem to find this online.

I've been using a rim from a tractor tire I picked up and have been dragging it around using a rope. Recently I have been forced to stop after numerous complaints about all the noise. It is extremely loud. I was thinking about investing in a prowler, either the econ one or the more expensive one.

I was wondering about how much noise it makes dragging on the concrete? Is it just a semi-loud scraping noise?

thank in advanced


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This is my first post too. I use the prowler and a sled down a local parking lot when the offices are closed as it makes quite an annoying noise. It's not going to be quiet enough if you're using it in a neighbourhood (having said that it can't be louder than the rim you are using now).

Got a field nearby? Or industrial area?

Alternatively, find a tractor tyre and use that?

Hope that helps. I use the econo, it's awesome. Use it everyday. Hope that helps.


what is a prowler


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Alternatively, you could use a tractor tire (no metal rim) tied to a rope. Get a big enough one and you can fill the inside rim with rocks, small weights, kettlebells, etc. Probably cheaper than the prowler, and it shouldn't make all that much noise.


Jesus Christ that is FUNNY!


I push mine on the sidewalk in front of my house. No complaints about the noise so far.


It sounds pretty loud when you are pushing it, but when you are spectating, it's not bad. After it's 15 feet from you it falls into the background. Maybe 30 feet. I dunno, it's not bad though.


The prowler is so loud it's disconcerning and it was hard on my driveway. I bought a rope and using the prowler for pulls isn't s bad. I now use the thing as a base for my core blaster and that's it.


I own a prowler it makes noise but unless your neighbours live in a cardboard box it should not be an issue.The prowler ski's are smooth where as a rim would be more rigid and cause a lot more noise.


If your doing this on puplic land I do not advise this you will scratch and tear apart old concrete which is not very fair now is it. Use this on your own driveway or take it to the park and use it on grass.


I saw somebody working with a prowler in a local park. They had apparently cut little rectangles of some sort of material (rubber/plastic?) and then secured them to the bottoms of the runners. No noise/marks. I didn'y get the chance to ask them what, specifically they were using, but it seemed to work quite well.


What prowlers do you guys have where it creates all this noise?

The prowler, for what it does, is relatively quiet, and it's definitely more quiet than dragging a tire rim.


There really hasn't been any noticable damage to the sidewalk where I push mine.


my concrete was already old and had deep cracks. If your your concrete can support the prowler by all means go for it.


Depends on the surface you are useing it on. I use the elitefts prowler 2.




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