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How Much Muscle Tearing When Lifting Wts?


How much muscle tissue is torn when you lift weights with the same muscle two days in a row?

Do you tear more muscle if you workout the same muscle two days in a row as compared to waiting 48 hrs or more to work it again?

What if you worked out the same muscle two days in a row then rested that muscle long enough to repair all the torn muscles?

Isn't the goal to tear as much muscle as possible then let rest and nutrition build it?


i may be wrong but i don't think we are inducing a lot of actual muscle tearing here with the wise of sub-maximal wts...if we included exercises like flies then we might be but i haven't been sore yet and i'm usually a low volume/high intensity trainer


What you're suggesting is basically a super-compensation approach, which has been written about a bit on here before. One approach was to hit a muscle 4 days in a row with slightly different exercises, then have at least three days off; another was to go mental on all muscles and hit them every day for 2 weeks solid so you're completely run into the ground (it said if you don't lose strength you're not training hard enough) then take at least 5 days off.

The merit of these depends on your situation, goals, etc.


It's impossible to establish how much micro-tearing occurs as it will vary from person to person... depending on the exercises, volume, intensity, type of contraction, experience, etc.

Also understand that the actual micro-tearing of muscle tissue is not the only mechanism by which growth is stimulated. There are AT least two other processes that play an important role.


What are the other two factors besides micro-tears of muscle fibers? Is it the production of human growth hormone and decrease of myostatin as a result of the increased human growth hormone. Is it the supply of glycogen into the muscles to make them appear bigger?

I'm not a scientist as you can tell, but I would imagine that the primary goal of muscle growth is to tear the muscles than build it all other factors would aid in that process.

You tear a muscle then the right nutrients/materials have to get to the muscle to repair it, then you have to make sure that the muscle is not used for fuel.


The basics of muscle growth are.

  1. Expanding your curent muscle cells. Hypertrophy.

  2. Greating new muscle fiber. Hyperplasia.

  3. Reducing or preventing catabolic mechanisms.

  4. Promoting anabolic mechanisms.

  5. Stimulating your CNS, which could fall under promoting anabolic mechanisms.

As far as I know everything in weight lifting can fall under those 5 things.