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How Much Muscle Per Year?


If diet and training were applied correctly, how much muscle could one gain in a year?

We know that muscle is not a linear process, or so I have heard, so what do you think?


there is no -one answer-

weigh yourself->measure bodyfat->eat and train for a year->weigh yourself->measure bodyfat and see how much muscle you gained


You've just answered your own question.

Everyone gains muscle at different rates, and it's not a linear process.


read somewhere that most you can gain of actual muscle is about 1.5 to 2 pounds a month


I don't think trying to actually put a number on it, even if it is an average over time, is being fair to yourself.

Going into it and saying "2 pounds a month" is limiting your progress because you won't try for more.

I feel like the above suggestion of "just do the damn thing & measure yourself in a year's time" is a much better approach.


how can that 1.5-2lb of muscle a month be correct when there are people who have gained much more. I agree with the people who say its relative and there are probably many factors that affect muscle gains so like Jax Un said, just keep a record and see for yourself.


To make it as simple as possible, if you get everything right, you can have IMMENSE progress, even in a single year.