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How Much Muscle Lost In a Month?

I leave on july 6th for LDAC (1st phase of officer basic) with the exception of minimal pt in the morning, there won’t be a lot of time for excercising, and i can guarentee that i will not come into contact with weights for the duration (32 days)

i also will not have time to preform bodyweight excersies to the extent that might maintain me.

i realize that my strengh will noticiably decrease in this period, i’m curiouse as to if there is a window of mass i am apt to lose?

would something like Carbolin 19 help me in maintaining my weight?

lifting 2.5 years (up from 160lb)

Lots of food, BCAAs and Carbolin 19 would definitely help.

I really doubt there is a “set” amount of muscle/strength you will lose - and nothing that can’t be brought back in a couple weeks anyway.

i’ve had a similar experience
i had to go to WLC a 32 day course at the time…

we weren’t allowed to keep food in the barracks…i got only the 3 meals at the chow hall…did pullups…and minimal pt…i snuck off to the gym 3 times during the month and lost about 10 pounds and lots of strength…it came back sorta quick…sorta…

but the experience of attending such a fine military school was well worth it…hahahahaha…

Supplements wont do to much maybe creatine to help maintain weight. that and eating everything that you come in contact with.

You will lose weight. Period. The only people who gain anything during that time would be those who have never even done many push ups before and are completely untrained and malnourished. I wouldn’t even waste the mental energy assuming you can prevent it. You can’t.

The training takes up all of your time. Eat what you can. Supplement protein if you have the opportunity, but don’t go in assuming that you won’t lose some muscle if you are carrying anything above average. No one can tell you how much you alone will lose.

In a similar situation, I smuggled in protein powder and was able to mitigate the harm. (The times I didn’t smuggle it in, I lost substantial mass.)

It will all depend on what you are allowed to bring in with you. It will also depend on whether you are searched. I knew I wouldn’t be when I brought in my protein powder. Some loser was going to rat me out, so I found a friendly TAC officer (re: guy who lifted) who told me it was OK to have and that he’d have my 6. My defense would have been that protein powder wasn’t food. And that, moreover, the rule against food was based on hygiene issues - food in the barracks attracts ants. There were not similar issues with protein powder. Just know the rules and know what you’d say in advance to justify your actions.

You should be able to bring in a couple of bottles of BCAAs. BCAAs are, after all, supplements rather than food. It’s the 13-to-15-hour fast that the military imposes of you that does the most most damage. Take around 40 grams of BCAAs before bed. Don’t make an issue out of it or be obvious. Someone might try to “rat” you out. Even though it would not likely be a rules violation, there are a lot of ass-kissers in the military.

Carbolin 19 should help. This is surely not a food, so there shouldn’t be an issue with brining it.

like everyone else said…make sure you find out the rules…that is unless you don’t care about getting yelled at for a minute and having your stash taken…but where i was it was also a no supplement rule…not just no food in the barracks

When I went to AVROC in 84 they viewed taking a multi-vit as “self medicating.” Not a good thing as far as they were concerned. We had a little time on the weekends and could go to the BX. Many of us would sneak a bottle of multi-vits in then dump them before an inspection. Our inspections were well known in advance and they would destroy our lockers so dumping was the safest way to stay out of trouble.

As long as you did not forget to lock your locker in the morning before you left for class, you were ok. Suprise inspections were rare unless you really messed up.

But God help you if you forgot to lock up your locker. I remember one time I screwed up and didn’t get locked up, we could smell the foot powder in the air as we returned to the battalion. Man those DI’s could make a mess out of your stuff and room. Then I had to do jumping jacks forever to get my rifle and lock “paid off.”

Anyhow, If you can sneak in some supps or vits, good luck. As they say it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. If you get a little time on the weekends do what you can (pushups, pullups,one leg squats.) Eat as much as you can, drink lots of milk. (We had almost unlimited access to milk at meals.)

Remember the bigger picture, finish the training. Then you can get back to the gym.

Give them hell and make them like it!