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How Much More Should I Eat?

I’m 6’4" and 193 pounds coming down from 220 of mostly fat. If I can trust my scale’s ability to electrocute me to measure bodyfat, I’m at 14.5%.

I’m stalled at that bodyfat number. I think that I need to put some more muscle mass if I plan to drop close to 10%, but the amount that I read that I should be eating varies from 3,500 to 6,000 or more (eating a blue whale for breakfast would be a must).

I’ve only made progress in losing bodyfat when I get below 3,000… closer to 2,500, so my expenditure is probably just above 3K thanks to my life as an Olympic cubicle competitor.

I’ve been making strength gains, but not seeing much in the way of size. I don’t know my 1RM, but my 6RM for Squats is 185 and bench is 145. These are weird numbers because I’m just (2 weeks) coming off using machines for these exercises to using a bar… it’s WAY different and I haven’t got the stability or balance. eg: my squat jumped 20# in one week.

My diet is clean at: 2900Kcal, 261g protein, 70g carbs, and 176g fat.

I have one moderate cheat day per week which usually causes my bodyfat to jump about 1%. I think that I should kill the cheat day because of that jump.

I enjoy lifting, but go nuts after 20-30 minutes. Any longer and I’ll just skip the workout. I’m willing to kill myself for 20-30 minutes, but that’s it. So my routine is 4-5 days per week and I’m following Joel’s periodization scheme from this article:

I’m on the 8th week, but I’ve been working out since September.

So, how much SHOULD I be eating considering that I want to stay lean, but probably need to gain muscle if I want to get below 14%? Is there another training program (5x5?) that’s better suited to where I am now?


check out the carb cycling codex by CT