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How Much Money Would It Take?


to let your wife/husband or significant other sleep with someone of the opposite sex?
let's say they have 30 mins to do whatever (and obviously the other is ok with the decision)

we were having this discussion at work.

My initial thought is $5 million would do the trick.

My boss said it would have to be higher because he wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it.


Are we talking street bum or Justin Timberlake here?


Principles of fidelity dictate that no sum of money could be accepted for such reprobate behavior.


lol, just anyone. Not someone with a disease or something.

I'll go with a stranger for the question at hand (though if it was someone I knew, probably would take double the amount)


i dont have a girlfriend but if i did, i doubt i'd even haggle to as high as $5 million dollars.

if that was offered to me though i'd totally do it. you know how much more pussy you'd get with 5 million dollars? you could buy a Lamborghini and just stand next to it at the beach. hell you could buy sex for the rest of your life from hot european prostitutes. besides its only a matter of time before your sweetie pie cheats on you anyway. dont be a suckah


5 million is a maybee.. if i got to torture the guy after they did it i would be fine with it.. break his knees. and what nott. make him really suffer


She can sleep with someone if I can.


Depends if the guy is a hobbo, has warts on his dick, has aids, anything like that, condom yes or no? Rape or consensual? What if your wife/girlfriend let him do something that she never let you do to her? What if she enjoyed his bigger dick too much and you could never get the moans or her reactions out of your mind? What if sex was never quite the same after that? What if she started seeing other men because she realized you aren't all that.

100 Million and I'd be good, buy my own island, be a porn director and make all the pornstars suck my dick before they fuck for their scene.


Free if she lets me get a menage. Nothing like 2 for 1


A extra large meat lovers pizza and hot wings with an extra large diet coke.

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Honestly, whatever the relationship is worth because that would be the cost.


Oh well, plus a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and your looking at $48.32. We'll just round it 50 bucks for a tip to the pizza boy.


wtf, hahaha!!



She will get 3x the ass you do.


About 19.99 for a box of 9mm. So I can shoot both motherfuckers dead :smiley:


$5 million sounds good. After, i would just break up with her and take my money and go find a better looking chick. At least i know i wont have to worry about money for the rest of my life.


well, I suppose for a lot of money I'd be down with it, but it would eat away at me for a long time. I guess I'd let her do it for the price of a good defense lawyer after I slit her throat, plus a few million to have fun with after I got off on capital murder charges. If I didn't get off on the charges fuck, who cares how much I got, right?





But no, for the record, if it was a girl I truly cared about no amount of anything would be worthwhile.