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How much money do you spend...

Per week on Food? Myself i spend at least $75 dollars each and every week. I live with my parents so my mother goes to the market to buy the Sweet Potatoes, Brocoli, Cauliflower etc etc. Thats no problem, carbs are cheap, its the protein that gets me. Every week i buy at least 8 cans of Salmon and Tuna, 6-7 500gram tubs of Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Low Fat Fruit Yogurt, Cheddar Cheese, Chicken Breast, Eggs, sorry if i’ve missed anyone. LOL.
What about you guys?

Do u use whey protein powder? Maybe that helps provide some protein needs?

Dude, you’re lucky your mom springs for the veggies. Those are REALLY expensive. Eating 6 meals a day, half of which are usually MRP-based, I budget $150/week for food.

i use around 20 dollars per day on food

Well, I spend $90 a month on MRPs, $25 a month on Udo’s Choice oil; in a week, I spend $10 on tuna, $10 on chicken, $2.50 for milk, and $20 on sugar free popsicles (can’t live w/o 'em), low fat mayo, and such, and $90 a month on Advanced Protein. We won’t get into Biotest supplements here, but those factor in too.

Including Groceries, protein powders, supplements, my pets, and eating out probably anywhwere from $500-700 a month. Just for myself. Thats Canadian dollars though, probably the equivalent of $20 bucks US Dollars hehe.