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How Much Milk Is Too Much?


I've heard people recommending drinking a gallon of whole milk per day, do you think that is too much? I mean without taking other foods into consideration?


depends on your goals, diet, and ability to handle that much milk. i've found milk to be a very advantageous and simple way of gaining weight.



I personally drank a gallon of whole ORGANIC milk a day for month and my estradiol and progesterone went through the roof. After discontinuing this practice my levels returned to normal...if you must drink milk in large quantities go with fat free (the hormones are in the fat afaIk)

Your mileage may vary.


Unless you're really broke I don't see the point of drinking a whole gallon. Quarter or half is enough, IMO. Blend some eggs and chocolate protein powder in a quarter gallon of milk and you have one of the best gainer shakes out there to cover your ass between meals.


x2 it made my road to 280 possible. I don't drink much anymore because my goal isn't just pure mass right now, but to refine what I've built while continuing to slowly add lean mass. Just make sure you watch the fat gain. If you are going to drink a lot don't do it at night.


What about if it's my only good source of protein, would you recommend drinking more milk then?


Given that ordinary whole milk is loaded with estrogens, I wouldn't do anything like that, unless you go organic. That then becomes an expensive proposition. A gallon of organic milk would be around $8 (where I live anyway).


I'd recommend a different hobby.

If you have to drink milk as your source of protein drink Lactaid every now and then when your stomach becomes unable to handle the amount of milk you'll need to grow.


Do you have blood tests to back this up? Just curious


Regular whole milk is not loaded with estrogens. I'm not aware of any tests that have been done showing that regular milk has any detectable hormones in it.

That being said, I'm on your side to buy organic milk as I pay $6/gallon here in MD


I drink a glass of fat free milk with 3 servings of quick after my workouts with added BCAA's and creatine. This is a cheap Postworkout drink when you can't afford Surge.


I would also like to see some sort of studies showing evidence of this.


It's all down to you as an individual. My body can't handle large quantities of milk, I start have stomach troubles.

You may find you can't handle large quantities either, or you may be OK with it. But one thing is for sure, if this is your only good source of protein, your doing something really wrong!



Isn't there a fact out there that approximately 50-60% or people are some what lactose intolerant? (vaguely remembering) My nutrition teacher said 100% of African American's are lactose intolerant which I think is total bullshit. My parents billeted three African children straight from Africa and we fed them milk with no consequences (we were told it was alright).

Sorry for hijack.


I would like input on this as well. Ive been drinking .5gal-1gal of milk a day now to get my calories to around 3700-4200. It is an easy way to up the calories and since i cant afford protein supplements i am also getting a good amount of protein from it. I of course am also eading a ton of rice,fish,and lean ground beef, and eggs every day. is this a bad idea for me to do?


Here's a few links I found on Google Scholar:
Apparently, the cows are milked during the phase when they're close to giving berth, as they're lactating the most then. And their total estrogen levels are also highest then.

Do with it what you will.
I'll still be drinking my milk every day. It's not like I'm going through a gallon daily or something similar.


If you're drinking 1 gallon of milk/day, you're not eating a ton of rice, fish, lean ground beef and eggs everyday with that amount of calories


Don't the U.S. inject their cows with a drug to stimulate them to produce more milk? Which in turn causes them to have severe health problems. Is this still going on?


I'm not sure if it's still allowed, but most milk jugs will say "From cows not given steeroidz!1"
Or something to that effect.


Yah...a gallon of whole milk is around 2600 cals, skim is like 2200, so that's like half your cals for the day. I only drank a gallon a day because I needed to eat around 8k cals and with school +work it was impossible for me to make all of that solid food. 4 meals, 4 shakes, 1 gallon milk.