How Much Milk Do YOU Drink?

hey i have noticed that alot of the articles on T-Nation talk about not drinking to much milk but i am just woundering what you fellow T-nationers think and how much you drink?

I go through a gallon of skim every 3 - 4 days.

Gallon of whole milk every 2 or 3 days usually.

When I’m bulking I usually go through a gallon of raw milk every two days.

gallon of skim every 2 days…Milk does a body good


not enough.

Close to a gallon a day, sometimes more.

1 Liter per day or a little more

Full octane, whole milk.

At least half gallon, up to an entire gallon…daily.

I drink a lot of milk. I hear the talks too about eliminating milk for aesthetic reasons I suppose, but that won’t stop me from drinking milk. I have mild lactose intolerance but that still isn’t going to stop me from drinking milk.

I guess it depends on your body type and metabolism.

When my income increases and I can afford better high-protein alternatives I’ll limit my milk intake. Until then I’m sucking that cow dry :wink:


Not quite a liter a day, w/protien.


benefits does not outweight the problems…

About 3 quarts a day.


Zero. It’s not worth it for me.

None. I find that dairy products in general give me acne. Charles Poliquin stated that too. I think dairy products for bulking are overrated. Just eat ALOT of meats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, veggies, and various other protein sources.

When trying to gain weight eating the occasional McDonald’s or KFC meal is OK too. After all it is hard to be 250lbs. Provided you aren’t a couch potato and are constantly working out all the time.

I grew up drinking a lot of milk, and I love the stuff. In recent years I brought my consumption down to 1 gallon every 5-7 days. About 2 months ago I started weening myself off of it, and being on the V-Diet for the last 27 days means I haven’t had any in that much time.

I thought I would miss it, but I really haven’t, so I’m going to try not to drink any milk once I come off the diet, to see what happens.

The only thing I worry about is calcium. Maybe if you eat enough cottage cheese you’ll be OK, but I haven’t actually checked the quantities.

Regardless, the Battle of Milk will rage on for a long time. People tend to be very black or white about it.

Enough skim to fill my bowl of cereal every morning.

I’d like to know why some of you don’t drink milk at all. So far, the only reason I’ve heard was acne. Frankly, I don’t even know if this is a valid excuse or not.

To the guy who said milk is overrated for bulking: I vehemently disagree. Drinking a gallon of whole milk every day is a lot easier than making up that difference with steaks and vegetables, and it’s better for you than fast food.