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How Much Meat Do You Eat Weekly?


Easily 2lbs, usually 3lbs. I alternate my meats. One day beef, the next chicken, then perhaps some fish or turkey; usually what’s on sale that week at the supermarket gets the bulk of the consumption.


Looking at this thread made me realize that I really don’t eat a whole lot of meat compared to most of you.

I have 200 g of some form of chicken (usually breast but sometimes burger) at least three times a week when I have lunch at my mom’s place after workouts. Once in a while I’ll have chicken or beef at home, or even pork, usually 200-250 g at a time.

But most of my protein comes from tuna and salmon. In the last period especially, I’ve been eating about 125 g of salmon everyday, sometimes at both lunch and dinner.

Then I have eggs, egg whites, protein shakes, on top of eating lots of cheese and drinking plenty of milk. I also have yogurt and peanut butter pretty often, although the latter is kind of a secondary source of protein IMO. I used to eat lots of legumes too and during winter I will resume doing so.

Bottom line is I probably should make a point to consume more meat and there’d probably be a value to narrowing down my selection of foods to make choosing and prepping the meals easier.


Definitely. I hope you are eating a lot of eggs and protein shakes on top of that. While some BBer protein recommendations are unnecessarily high, you definitely need more than 50g of protein a day to maximise MPS for recovery / hypertrophy.


Just realised how old this thread is. Not sure why it was top of my recommended forums. Are the T-nation forums really that dead?


Oh sure, I was referring to my meat consumption, not overall protein intake.

I have lots of eggs, cheese, yoghurt, and whey on top of my fish and meat.

Actually, my meat intake has gone up over the last months. I have a 4 to 8 oz serving, both at lunch and dinner, of chicken, ground beef, salmon, tuna, or shrimp every day, rotating through the sources.

That’s for my main meals. And like I said, I have eggs, egg whites, and other sources for the other meals and snacks. For the past months I have also experimented with a higher protein diet, more like a 40%/40%/20%, although that’s probably not necessary, but I can’t say it’s worked bad so far.


40% protein is definitely the sweet spot for me. Always my minimum goal, but my total calories are relatively low. I can imagine very active people on higher overall calories obviously needing less protein as a percentage.


With the emergency of a carnivore diet, a few people have claimed that they have been able to lose weight by simply eating meat every time they sit around the dining table. That it helps the body to get abundant protein According to American College Sports medicine, you should eat 0.5 grams of protein for every pound of weight you carry. So if you are 100 pounds, eat 0.5 x100 =50 gm per day. On the other hand, American Heart Association recommends that you limit lean meat to five and half an ounce per day.


I’m currently eating a kilo a day of either chicken or beef. I would happily consume more if i could afford to!


I found this to be more viable when I switched to 2 hour days.


Well, he didn’t say anything about fat meat though, so…


The American Heart Association is not taking into account people with highly active lifestyles here. A moderately high protein intake is the unifying factor in all muscle-building diets. There are tons of obese people in America who could do with less meat and more veggies, and that’s a fact, but for people on a vigorous exercise routine with a healthy conditioning level, eating over 0.5 g/lb of meat is not only okay on the heart, it’s necessary if they want to build more muscle.


Not to mention that some people seem to believe that the words “meat” and “protein” can be used interchangeably. If one was paranoid about cancer or heart attacks, they could very well get away with eating 5 or even less oz of meat a day provided they ate plenty of fish, eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurt etc.


Why isn’t fish considered meat?


To me it is. But the health claims made against meat don’t seem to apply to fish in the eyes of the people making them. So I was listing fish under a different category because none of those saying to limit meat intake ever mention limiting fish.

Like, fish has a different kind of fat than beef so it doesn’t cause heart attacks. Also it doesn’t cause cancer. But neither does white meat apparently? So now white meat isn’t meat anymore, either. It’s just red meat.

That’s why I believe this is all bullshit. Honestly there hasn’t been a convincing explanation yet as to why red meat would be bad for you but white meat and fish wouldn’t, if you ask me.


They just aren’t very cute like baby cows or chickens or lambs.

Even a lot of vegetarians are like “screw those fish. Chop their heads off and eat 'em!”.


I think Jeffrey Dahmer had a protocol that went in that exact order as well.


Yeah. He just got all screwed up on species and a couple of other things.


Average around 2.5kgs of chicken breast and a 1kg of basa/salmon fillets a week. Also occasional junk food which is either burgers or pizza. Not including eggs ect.


Meat is considered the flesh of an animal sold by a typical butcher. This is usually mammal flesh and poultry but not fish. Although my butcher sells salmon and chicken eggs so salmon and eggs is meat but trout isn’t.

Note: I have entirely made this up but I think it sounds legit enough that I could pass it off as true


So if I steal it, none of it is meat?

I just found a way to balance my budget and improve my heart health!