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How Much Meat Do You Eat Weekly?


How much meat do you guys eat weekly?

I ask because I have gone from 10lbs raw weight a week to now 3-4lbs of raw weight with no noticeable drop off in my performance in the gym. It’s actually gotten better (I attribute this to my variety in my diet with a ton of veggies and my focus on lentils and healthy fats to increase my carbs).

I’m basically turning into a vegan who eats meat as well haha.

Just curious what you guys are eating week in and week out.


I’m about 800g to 1000g a day depending on hunger. Gives 200g-ish of protein which I split into 4 meals.


Recently I’ve been eating 2lbs per day (so ~900g) quite consistently, and this is in the form of lean ground beef 80% of the time.

I wish my stomach could handle beans/lentils better. Even if soaking them overnight with added baking soda my stomach still gets destroyed.

I’ve been eating quite similar to the “Vertical Diet” by Stan Efferding and I’ve been feeling pretty good.


I wish my stomach could handle that much protein. 150ish is the max before I really start feeling uncomfortable. ~130g seems to be the sweet spot for me.

Damn I can’t even imagine eating that much meat lol.

I’ve noticed a lot of people can’t. But I think being Nepali (almost Indian) my genetics allow me to handle high amounts of carbs and lentils/beans. I think because the staples in the countries foods are white rice, lentils, and all sort of pickled veggies. Meat is a “bonus”. I’ve noticed high carb/moderate fat/moderate protein, if I eat like that, I have absolutely no issues with my stomach or body.

I have no idea what that is, I’m going to read about this later today.


I’m the total opposite of you by the sounds of things. I can eat meat all day but a cup of beans/lentils’d have me doubled over in agony


220g of protein a day, but only half of that comes from meat. Protein shakes, yogurt, some cottage cheese, and tons of greens plus eggs every morning make up the rest.


0-12oz of meat a day. Roughly 100-120g of protein a day, and I’m 190.

Most of my protein comes from lentils, dairy, and eggs. Sometimes I’ll have two 4-6oz servings a day between lunch and dinner. Other days, I’ll have eggs one meal, and 4-6oz the other meal. Sometimes, I wont have any meat and it’ll be eggs and dairy all day.

Breakfast for me is always Greek or Icelandic yogurt with butter/coffee (I won’t call it bulletproof because mine isn’t frothy and I don’t use MCT oil). Pre-Workout is Pasta and Marinara, sometimes cheese (a serving of Pasta is like 8g - 13-15 if you add enough cheese). If I’m feeling lazy I’ll have croissants or fruit.

My issue with meat is that it feels too heavy in my stomach, as if it’s there too long and I can’t work up an appetite for my next meal. I’ve seen articles talking about eating your protein first to limit your appetite, and that’s what happens - I don’t feel like eating carbs afterwards.


Usually 1 chicken a day.
It also does vary. Sometimes 1.1kg chicken and sometimes 1.3kg chicken. I don’t really go heawier than that.

I don’t know how much meat that is, good part of weight are bones, also part of weight is lost during preparing of the food…

Recently I saw a dip in my apetite, but I cut down on other things, I still eat same ammounts of meat.


I dont know the exact amount but i eat 4 or 5 meat meals a week. I also eat only 3 whole eggs a week. Like soulfighter most of my protein comes from low fat dairy, beans, lentils and grains. I can eat the entire pot of green lentils without zero discomfort. I think i am %75 vegetarian. :joy:


I generally have some sort of animal protein with every meal, but not particularly huge portions. If we’re talking just meat itself, not including eggs or milk, I’d say I eat less than 1 lbs per day. If you add in other sources of animal protein, though, that number goes up, as I drink around a half gallon of milk every day. For my own purposes, I generally lump most animal proteins together when I consider the nutrition I’m getting.


3 lbs of beef in the form of cheeseburgers plus another 4-6 lbs in the form or chicken, pork, or beef roast.

I also eat at Chick-fil-A once a week at work which spares about 8-12 ounces of my food.

I weigh 240 lbs. I also drink 2-4 servings of Syntha-6 chocolate milkshake flavored protein powder. Damn, that stuff is good!

You mean you’re not Alfonso Ribeiro!?


Upto 100g at breakfast (sometimes none)
200g in my lunch
250-350g in my dinner

Is my usual.

Protein also comes from eggs, beans and dairy.


I go through 2.5kg of beef mince a week, plus some chicken, and a ton of veggies to go with it.


Have already read all of his posts in Carlton’s voice, like how @mattjp ‘s posts are always in Willie the Groundskeeper’s voice.


About 3-4 lbs a week. Mostly chicken with a few beef, pork, and fish meals mixed in. I also consume about 50g protein via shake a day.


That’s how I read all of @yogi1’s posts, which is probably accurate.


Nice, love cheeseburgers, unfortunately I often grab 3 double or triple cheeseburgers from either Mcdonalds, Carls Jr, or Burger King and throw the buns out. I’ll just eat 4 or 5 beef patties with some rice. I’m struggling to gain size at 163lbs and 6’ tall so i’m not worried about it. Other than that it’s chicken, eggs, greek yogurt etc. Of course I gotta throw in a nice steak on the bbq once a week.


Meat eaten in 7 days:
4 chicken breasts, 3 7-8oz steaks, 5-5oz cans tuna, 6-cod 8oz filets.


Exactly this. so basically 2lb ish a day in old world units.

When i was dropping weight for my recent meet, I literally ate nothing but 2lb of pork belly a day, split over 3 meals, for 10 days.


24-36oz a day if I’m maintaining weight. More if I’m gaining.