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How Much Meat Do You Eat Per Meal?

and what kind?

yesterday i didn’t really think about the amounts but ate 2 large chicken breasts in 2 meals, each 1lb raw (~100g protein). no big deal or wiser to split it into .5-.8lb portions?

If you can stomach it, eat it. Less chance of skipping meals if you have less meals to eat.

wait, 16oz chicken breasts? Are you sure about that? I was weighing what I thought were some pretty gigantic chicken breasts, and they were like 10-12oz.

And was it 2 breasts per meal, or total?

Actually, the answers don’t matter, I like k-man’s advice.

this is an amazing thread considering it was started by someone whos been a memeber for 3 years.

talk about the epitome of lazy