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How Much Meat Do You Consume Daily?

Just curious how much meat you guys actually eat in a day?

I’m anywhere between 1-1.5 lbs daily.

As high as 3-4 lbs of ground beef when I’m being lazy with cooking.

Usually closer to the 1.5-2ish range

By meat do you mean all animal flesh or beef?

Everything minus eggs.


.75-1 lb a day. mostly from salmon and chicken.

About 6lb of grizzly bear a day :sunglasses:

Nah just joking, that’s only on weekends. I normally eat about a 400-600g (1lb) a day from beef, fish and chicken.

Generally 5 10oz meals a day so a little over 3lbs not counting eggs. Usually 2 beef or pork and 2 fish.