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How Much Masteron?


i have currently started a cycle of 50mg dbol/day along with masteron but i'm not sure how much i should take. it is 100mg per ml and i was thinking maybe .5ml eod or .25 ed....any suggestions, i have never used this product


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While i personally don't see anything wrong with the compounds you have chosen necessarily, although they are a rather strange pairing - it is really fucking stupid to actually start a cycle without even knowing the most BASIC of details such as dose used.

Heed the advice above, stop - save your drugs for when you know what you are doing and are competent enough to cycle safely.

Out of interest - you using any other drugs at all in this cycle - and what are your goals? How is the stack arranged?

This should be interesting :wink:



I'm going to third that. Don't waste your gear fortunatly assuming you have short acting masteron you can be off and clean (back to recovering) and can construct a real cycle...one where you know why you are taking what you are taking and at what doses you will be taking what, how often, for how long, and what to do when you are going to stop. A REAL CYCLE! Right now from the details ou have given us you're just some guy eating dbol and shooting masteron at 50 mg or is it 25 mg every day?

Use the search engine the use of both compounds is discussed many many times. Come back with a more well constructed cycle off what you learned and we'll be nice. BTW it might be in your profile (I didn't check yet but in your cycle outlines always lay out your stats and goals, diet and training help ALOT also if you are new


Since you have already started. You might as well use them up. Probably not the best the cycle around, but still it will give you something. I'd recommend lower dbol dosage, 25-30mg would be better, six weeks.

If you have 2 10ml vial of masteron, you can run 100 mg eod, which is 350mg per week for almost 6 weeks. Masteron will help lower dbol induced bloat a bit. Try to put together a proper pct.

This is not a good cycle for recreational users. But more suited for atheletes that competes in weight class, strength/power sport, leading up to a comp.

I have used dbol to break training plateu, 10-15mg for a couple of weeks. I will improve my total by 50pounds, and after coming off the drug, i will keep half of it. Which can take 3 month, if i trained all natural. It's a good drug for my purpose. Dunno about you though?!


It depends which masteron he has.

Also EOD injects I would not recommend. With di-prop ester I believe ED would be best, and if it's E well it won't matter because he's pick a fast acting oral and a slow acting Masteron. lol

I will agree to the statements of stop now and do more research. I'd never tell somebody just to finish a cycle because they've 'already started' who knows what else he is taking and what knowledge he has...taking drugs with no knowledge is risky business as you don't know what to look for with sides or how to deal with them. I know it is a stretch and hardly anybody dies from steroid use, but it is still an option if one is a complete f*ck-up...so regaurdless OP I say stop and get off your cycle properly...research...then start up again yea? lol