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How Much Mass Gained Can You Really Maintain w/ TRT Cruise?

Let’s say someone who has done some cycles on and off and gained 25KGS/55LBS with moderate to intermediate cycles/compounds over a span of time.

If this person would decide to come off and just cruise on TRT, would it be possible actually maintain all or most of the gains from the cycles? Provided you keep working and eating hard.

I have only done cycles with pct’s in the past and cruise with pct’s, but after a year or half a year a lot of the gains would fade, even with hard training and proper nutrition most of the gains wouldn’t stick.

Would this be possible on TRT cruise though?

I don’t have any answers but I’m going to follow this thread just to see what others have to say as this is a topic that I’ve been curious about. My gut feel is that anything above your natural maximum genetic potential will not be maintainable on anything that could be called a TRT dose and I strongly suspect that 55-lbs of mass gain is beyond what a normal person could do naturally. At 5’9" a 55-lb mass gain would probably represent 225-lbs @ 10% body fat for me and that would be massive. I’d be ecstatic if I could reach and maintain 200-lbs. 190-lbs is probably more realistic for me.

Agree, I think it might be like that as well.

I mean whenever I went off, no matter how big I was, after pct I would always slowly fall back to my old weight, sometimes it took half a year, sometimes a whole year, but I never stayed big without gear, no matter how hard I kept training, I always slowly but surely lost the mass, even all the way till below my genetic potential.

I also think it might be like you said probably hanging somewhere around genetic limit on TRT, however some of these ex pros and pro’s on youtube, greg doucette being one that I like, say that they’re on just TRT at the moment, but still look jacked.

Could it be, that’s what I want to know, I like to think that Greg is honest, but he looks quite jacked still for being on “TRT” now.

Well I dropped down from Tren/Test/Var to a 200mg Test prop cruise and i lost a few pounds but not much, just fullness. But im always pretty dry.


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Nice, how long has it been though since dropping?

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I think Greg does blast and cruise - TRT when he’s not prepping for a show and then he uses gear to get ready for the show. A lot of guys do that. I’ve never used gear. I’m 5’9" and 198 right now at about 15% body fat. I’d have to drop down to about 180 to be near 10% body fat.If I did a blast every 6 months I could probably hold a lean 190-195-lbs. But we’d only be talking about 10-15-lbs above my normal weight and probably well within my natural genetic limit.

In my younger years when I was lean and my body was functioning properly I was about 165lbs at 5’7". I ended up on TRT 4-5 years ago which brought me up to about 180-185lbs. Then starting running small blasts which brought me to 190-200lbs. Right now I can get to about 200lbs when ‘on’ but settle to 190lbs mostly when cruising on TRT. So that’s about a 25lb gain kept over my youthful lean level (while on TRT only). Somebody with a larger frame could probably carry much more but I doubt it in the way of 55lbs.


Do you think its possible on 250’ish Test? Well thats still buff though 190 at 5’7

I usually don’t maintain that amount of size off gear, Im gonna try with trt this time after blast.

Well at 250test I could probably maintain most of my size. I cruise at a TRT dose of 140mg/wk. So naturally I lose some mass from when I’m running 3-500mg/wk. I don’t know how you respond of course but that’s a nice cruise dose albeit more than TRT. Why not give it a try? I’m currently off right now and still maintaining close to 200lbs this time (see avatar). My diet is crap again though so I think I’m maintaining weight but losing some of my better composition if that makes sense. BF+ MM-

There is a study by Brad Schoenfeld which found that on average every 100 ng/dL of testosterone a man had resulted in something like 1 lbs of muscle difference between that man and a man with 100 ng/dL lower. I am not going to find that study as Schoenfeld has 100s of papers all looking at stuff like muscle growth, exercise and hormones. This study was on natural men, and was looking on what having natural higher levels does in terms of muscle on average.

Now a man on TRT at 250 mg a week (this is enhanced TRT for most men) is almost always far past average on FT and TT (and things like IGF-1). TRT normally prescribes measuring testosterone at trough (the lowest point right before the next pin). It is not uncommon for someone on 250 mg a week to be at 1500-2000+ ng/dL. Peak test is going to be even higher. We will say that average on this dose is about 2000 ng/dL.

Now an average natural man has an average TT of about 600 ng/dL, but that is peak in the morning. By night time that 600 ng/dL might be 400 ng/dL. Say the average TT is around 500 ng/dL.

So 250 mg per week compared to the natty results in average TT difference of about 1500 ng/dL. If each 100 ng/dL is worth 1 lbs, that means it could be a 15 lb difference in what could be maintained.


Awesome in-depth info, thx man!