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How Much Magnesium Taurate is Safe?

Hey coach ,

Hope all is good I bought magnesium Taurate and the capsule is 500mg and I am using it for adrenergic receptor recovery I take one capsule after training with 2g of Glycine is it safe to take 2 more doses of 500mg or should I stick only with 2 in a day separated by many hours


i already saw a post from CT who said that too much magnesium wasn’t recommanded but i dont remember why

this : Another issue is that 6g of magnesium glycinate will give you 1200mg of magnesium. That’s way too high. You want around 100-200mg at a time. Magnesium actually is poorly absorbed the higher the doses are.

( he was talking about magnesium glycinate in this post )

I got that but many times I saw CT mention that magnesium Taurate at 500mg since I take Glycine powder 2-3g I just wanted a clarification for that since I don’t want to Use the supplementary protocol the wrong way around