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How much Mag-10 is too much?

Without going into details I’ve got to get huge really quick. With 6 bottles of Mag-10 available, I’m planning on taking about a ½ bottle per day for the next 2 weeks, work out every day and eat as much as I can fit into my face. Are there any problems with taking this much Mag-10?

That is way too much Bro! There does come a point where the receptors get too saturated. Also there comes a point where more is not better. I would guess no more than 4 servings a day, but Im sure Bill will set you straight sometime today. Whatever the dose, keep us posted on your results for sure.

Whoa! That is probably too much. If it doesn’t kill you, you still have to take into account that the body can only grow so much in two weeks, nomatter how much you pour into it.
Just my opinion…Could be wrong…Bill…what do you think?

More is not better. This has been discussed by Bill Roberts (the guy who invented it). Maybe two doses a day is better than one, but even then you won’t get twice the results. Just follow the directions and stop looking for a quick fix.

Or maybe you’re one of those guys who takes 10 times as much ephedrine to “lose 10 times the fat” and ends up in the hospital. So let me thank you in advnace for fucking up a good thing for the rest of us by being abusive and rather stupid.

Maybe “wee willy” doesn’t want his willy wee

I suggest you stick with the recommended dosage of MAG-10, it is not a magic drug. Also overtraining can be your worst enemy, try a workout in which you work your primary and secondary muscle groups together for example back and biceps on the same day, chest and triceps on the same day. Regarding the diet part it is not how much you eat but what you eat, this site is great in regards to proper diet and workout routines, look around and experiment with a few and which one offers you the best results. Getting big should not be a health risk and it does take time. Hope this helps.

Your kidding, right? half a bottle in a day? You crazy bastard! You’ll just be wasting your money, and more importantly, probably jeopardising your health

normally i would agree but i just read an article on medline about how dose this was test dirrectly correlates gains and sure enough the higher the dose the higher the gains of fat free muscle i say give it a shot bro maybe not that much but hey its the only way to know for sure right you can be this forums duchane.

No offense, but why the hell would you want to do this? You sound like a total newbie who just wants immediate results. What’s your training age? If this stuff is even half as effective as the hype makes it out to be, you’ll gain plenty fast using the recommended dose. If Bill Roberts disagrees and knows of a way to use this much, then I’d trust his advice, but if not then just do what the label says (including the dietary recommendations-no “eating everything you can fit into your face”) and track your progress.

I’m meeting a special someone in a few weeks for the first time and I’m sorry to admit that I painted a pretty exaggerated image of myself that I’ve got to try to live up to now. So, long term might be the best way to go, but I’ve got less than 3 weeks so what choice do I have. Thanks for the info Grant Warren I always figured more was better too. For some background I’ve been kind of training off and on, but mostly off, for a few years, but my diet sucks. I figure with as much Mag-10 as I’ll be taking, I should be able to work out at least a few hours a day and get huge quick.

Not smart. Don’t do it. (Why do I get the feeling that you’ll do it anyway, even if a dozen people, including Biotest staff, tell you not to?)

Listen, kid, the guy who formulated the stuff has already said it won’t work. Two doses per day max. That’s it. More won’t help you. Or are you just going to listen to the one guy on the forum who said it might work? Listen closely- According to the people who make it- it won’t work that way. It’ll cost you a fortune and you’ll get the same results as two doses per day. And it might have bad side effects at that stupid dosage. You’ve proven yourself to be a liar and lazy, don’t prove yourself to be stupid as well.

Well, I can’t say that I agree that it may “jeopardize your health” since you’ll only be on for 2 weeks, but like others have said there is a point where returns diminish. I believe that you will be way past that point. I realize that you want the most muscle possible right away, but this is not the best way to get there. Personally, if you have that much then use 2 doses(18 total mL) every day. As much time as Biotest put into this I think that Mag-10 would have a fairly long mechanism of action(that was one of their goals) so taking that much more that often will just be wasting Mag-10 for future cycles where you could make more gains. I hope Bill responds b/c he would know more about it than anybody. Regardless, good luck.

Bro, don’t waste your time and money overdosing on the MAG-10, just do the double dose as recommended. Besides, if you “painted a pretty exaggerated image of yourself that you’ve got to try to live up to now,” what makes you think that she didn’t do the same thing? And in this day and age, if you are meeting someone and have no idea what they look like, then you need to learn how to take a picture and use a scanner. No one should have to “paint a picture” of themself and not have any photos to back it up! You’re screwed now!

What a moron.

Let me get this straight-you lied to this girl (no euphemisms about “painting a picture”-face it, you LIED to her) about your appearance, and you now have three weeks to get where she thinks you already are? Nope. Not gonna happen. And she has every right to kick your ass to the curb when she meets “the real you”. TEK is absolutely right. Guys like you screw things up for the rest of us who CAN read labels and DO use our heads when putting a supplement program together. Thanks a lot.

It’ll be ok Willie, I’m sure she’s not the “supermodel” she said she was in the chatroom. You might be expecting Paulina Pourizkova, but you’re likely getting Paula Poundstone.

It's like my daddy always said boys, "Stupidity is self-correcting." We'll let Darwin sort him out.

Dumbass. You’re the kind of person who’s gonna abuse the product “'cuz I wanna get REAL big!,” and get the product pulled because of your self-inflected consequences. Dumbass. Go buy Lipokinetix and take half a bottle, PLEASE.

im amazed that you have that much money bro. if thats the case ya got no worries even ugly flabby guys can get laid if they got flow.anyways i guess no one sensed the sarcasm in my retort what can ya do?

Everyone buy up all the MAG-10 that you are going to need for the next five year. That will be the amount of time it will take for the FDA to re-approve it after this fool’s parents file a report about his sudden coma cause by this “dangerous supplement”…