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How Much Longer Should I Milk It?

your going to wait another 4 years lol… ya right

@Squat: Just head and shoulders, but thanks for noticing. HAHA
@Lens_d: Yea, i’m going to wait another 4 years. This is my endocrine system we’re talking about over here. It’s not like i’m waiting for a gift that I can’t wait to open. I take it a bit more serious than that. But I will admit that i’ll reanalyze the situation in a year almost guaranteed.

This is exactly what I was looking for … good discussion; thank you

Yea, I remember when I first joined T-Nation I became like a sponge picking up whatever good I found in the forums, and it was a whole lotta good. Then it seemed that all people started to do was argue about some things which I and probably most guys on here considered basic, like training arms directly, etc. I think it’s taking a turn back in the right direction.