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How Much LETRO


Hey all,

I've used Adex in all my cycles and i was thinking of giving LETRO a go. I was able to get 30 tabs of 2.5mg per tab from the pharmacy.

My question is:
How much LETRO is equivalent a 1mg Adex. I know i have to try it out my self and see how my body reacts, but i need a point to start from?

P.S: I take 0.5mg of Adex eod when im on 500 mgs of test

Thank you


I wouldn't assume there is an equivalency ratio that holds for all individuals.

I don't know whether there is even a trend, that high or low responders (those needing, respectively, a small or a large dose for a given amount of estrogen reduction) tend to be high or low responders to letrozole.

I would just handle it as a new drug that needs to be adjusted for the individual case.

My method for approximating dosage in a cycle is 0.18 mg/day for each 100 mg/week of testosterone ester, assuming that use is at least 200 mg/week. (If it less than this and this small amount of testosterone is the only steroid being taken, then simply a flat value of 0.36 mg/day.)

So for example if using 700 mg/week, then 1.26 mg/day. But as none of this is super-precise, actually one would use 1.25 mg/day as the starting dose, and check results at the 2 week point. Or reduce immediately if there is reason to think that estrogen is being driven too low.

If desired the starting amount in this case could be 1 mg/day instead of 1.25, if let's say that was more convenient with the particular formulation or if wanting to be a little lower in the guess. Inherently any starting-guess method is not going to be super-precise.

The above is assuming testosterone as the only aromatizing steroid.


Thanks bill,
this is exactly the answer that i was looking for.
By low estrogen, you mean the joint pain and feeling lazy the whole time?
I tend to increase my AI at the end of my cycles, even though the dose of the AAS is still the same through the whole cycle. I feel that my body starts producing more estrogen some where around week 6-7.
Do you think this is an ok practice? (because people usually taper down the AI at the end)


On feeling low estrogen: yes, or poor sex drive or depression.

Your practice sounds fine.


Hi, Bill. In the above calculations, are you referring to letro or adex? If you're referring to letro, using this method of calculation results in doses higher than what I've seen others report using while on cycle. The doses that result from this method of calculation resemble typical adex doses more so than typical letro doses. I plan to use letro as my AI during a four-week 500-mg/wk test prop cycle, so I'd like to make sure I have a good rationale behind whatever letro dosing schedule I end up using.


I was going to ask the same thing so I appreciate this thread. I use a-dex but wanted to see if letro would work the same at a lower dose and possibly "feel" a little better and be cheaper. That dose seems crazy though. I think for around 700mg/wk test I use ~.6mg a-dex ed., about 1mg ed for 1400mg/wk and right now the only aromatizing steroid I'm using is test at 2000mg/wk. For that I'm using 1.7mg a-dex ed. Lower(1.3-1.5 ed) seems to lead to shitty high estrogen feelings like high blood pressure, anxiety, flushing, etc. and higher(~2mg ed) seems to lead to shitty low estrogen feelings like tiredness, joint pain, and depression. I thought letro was supposed to be more powerfull, so where are things getting mixed up? What have some of you guys experienced personally?


I still didn't finish my research about Letro but what i understood, is that "research indicates that IGF-1 production is not suppressed by Femara, but may, in fact, be enhanced by it".
It might also be stronger in fighting estrogen than Adex but not POWERFUL. I think you mean Aromasin, cause i've heard/read about how powerful it is.