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How Much Leaner Will I Get Doing the 10,000 KB Swing Challenge?


I am debating doing it after I do the 20 rep squat routine again as I put on body fat last time because I was eating so much. I know some people will say “it depends on the individual” but as a guide, have people who have done the routine found they did well out of it in terms of burning body fat?


All the people that have done it lost inches off their waist. It is different for everyone.

Just do it. Do it 100% and don’t miss days and see where you end up. Either way you’ll be leaner than you are now.

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There have been a few threads about people finishing the challenge. This is one of the more detailed ones: Finished 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge

“I started at 224lbs and ended at 208. I was 22% BF and got down to 18% (I used a neck hip waist forearm measurement to guide my success. Not 100% accurate but something I could measure.) lost 3 inches off my gut and 2 off my waist. Abs are starting to peek out for the first time in a long time
I max deadlifted (no belt, no wraps) 1rep 435lbs before I started this challebege. I maxed out my deadlift today…3 days after the challenge was completed. Crushed my record! I mean crushed it. Hit 475lbs today! So stoked. That’s a 40lb jump in 30 days.”


Thanks for the replies guys. I did read through some of the blogs etc. but didn’t find anything with fixed numbers (inches/cm off waist etc). The one you have posted does so thanks for doing that.


Weight loss/fat loss is more a result of diet than anything, if you consume more calories than you burn then you will gain weight on any program. People in comas lose weight, it’s not just the exercise.