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How Much Is Too Much?


Cardio can be very beneficial when cutting as it burns calories and raises your metabolism. We all know that too much cardio can cut into your results, but where do you draw the line? How much cardio do you perform, and how much do you think is too much?


At the moment I do cardio every off day and post workout besides after legs. So 5-6 times a week. PWO is 20-30 minutes and nothing too crazy, today was 3.8 MPH at a slight incline. Off day cardio is 30-40 minutes and is done at a pretty fast paced walked(compared to other people at least). I do this for two reasons primarily, number one is for control over fat buildup as I try to gain size and two the cardio in the morning stimulates my appetite all day.

I touched on this in another thread briefly but I would rather eat extra food and ensure growth and take care of the possible loose ends with cardio than eat less and maybe miss out on some lbs gained(over long periods of time obviously).

That's how I do it but keep in mind I'm not trying to lose bodyfat, just trying to keep mine in check as I grow.

PS I hate cardio so much and have a 5 minute debate with myself everyday on whether or not it's worth it ha.


Really depends on you. As you transition from a bulk to cut increase the cardio and reduce the calories. See what works for you. When you notice a reduction in muscle mass or strength, you've gone too far. From their tweak the calories and cardio, which one is causing a loss in muscle. I find if you can follow all seven of Berardi's rules then you be able to lose fat faster while maintaining if not gaining muscle mass. Also what can you sustain? For example, I don't want to be a treadmill for 90 mins a day every other day for 4 weeks.

While bulking I'll try to get 2 20min sessions per week. Usually do some form of intervals.

During a cut I'll ramp up to maybe 4 30 min sessions a week. Depends on how badly I want it, but first and foremost the diet has to be in place.