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How Much is Too Much


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So this is me:
Age 39
Weight 83kg
Height 5'7" (173cm)
History: Lifting weights since I was a teenager. Very injury prone, both knee's reconstructed, the right one twice. Couple of slightly bulging discs that can cause havoc with heavy overhead work. I have been doing crossfit for the last 3 years (and no, it didnt cause all my injuries)
I am currently deployed to the middle east. Desk job in the rear with the gear. Not much stress, not much to do but go to the gym.
Current Goals. Increase Deadlift to 225kg from 200kg (440 to 495 pds), increase bench from 110kg to 140 kg (245 to 310pds) and squat what I can without causing reconstruction number 4. I also want to achieve the old chestnut of put on some muscle and lose some fat. A sixpack would be nice (I can kinda see it if I squint and comb my bodyhair the right way...)

So right now im in the gym 14 times a week. I have cut my HIIT away and now walk on the treadmill on a 13% incline at 4 mph every morning for 45 mins or so. Im following a program I got off the site which is the same routine 4 nights a week. Deadlift, bench, glute bridge, chins and some trx work. 2 nights a week ill do 100 strict chins, 100 pushups and 50 x 40kg front squats to a low box. The remaining night ill do another 45 mins walking on the treadmill. My gut feel is that I may be doing too much, but its hard not to go to the gym when there is so little else to do.
Id love to see some constructive comments of what I can do differently to help me achieve my goals.


I was thinking of changing my non deadlifting nights to the following (at tleast 2 nights a week), still aiming for a 500pd 1RM:

Rack Pulls
1 Arm Rows
Weighted Chins
Farmers Walks

Basically aiming for stronger upper back and grip, as my grip is definitely a limiting factor to progress at the moment.


Go to when your recovery is being affected too much then back off a little. Not going to failure on your working sets will be easier to recover from and will allow you to train more frequency.


If you are still making good progress then you're not doing too much. I'm one of those people who just loves lifting so I have to stop myself from over doing it.

I know when I've over done it because my desire to hit the gym wanes.


Interesting, I was just recently posting myself about thinking I was getting into an overtrained state. One symptom is an increased heart rate. Sleep being off could be another. As has been said, honestly ask yourself regularly if you dread an upcoming workout.