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How Much is Too Much?


Would this workout be too much?
Monday: Chest and Tri's
Tuesday: Back and Bi's
Wednesday: Legs abs
Thursday: Chest (upper) and tri's
Friday: Shoulders and Bi's
Saturday: Calves and abs
Sunday: off

I am trying to get a better upper body. My legs are good right now and want to maintain what I have.


Post a pic showing your legs and your upper body (also called whole body shot) and I'll fix you with a kick-ass training routine.


I'd personally do it like this instead:

Legs are big enough when they are as big as your waist. One should train them until that happens. Shoulders the day after upper chest and triceps can be tough. Unless "shoulders" just means a few lateral raises.


A) Your legs aren't good enough right now.

B) Depends on your volume/intensity per workout, as to whether or not that is too much or too little, and exercise selection.

C) Your legs will never be good enough.

Give us some stats and weights/reps etc and we can help you more. IF you're receptive to advice.


Amen to that.