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How Much is Too Much Test E?

what happen when i inject 8ml of test e per week (250mg x 8 ) im not asking the goods or bad about 2g of test , im only asking is that 8ml in my body every week and in month 32ml (8x4)can give abscess on any other problem ?

I had tren/prop/npp dosaged at 50mg/ml,so if you want to go 500mg, it would be 10ml/week+test that much too so what? Just rotate your pinning sites(glutes, vg, pecs, outter quads, delts, triceps) theyre bilateral muscles so its for 12 injections.

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how much ml i inject in shoulder at one time ?

I generally stick to 1.5ml in small groups and up to 3ml in areas such as glutes. You’re not going to run 2G of test are you? I know you mentioned hypothetically…

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Dont go more than 2ml in shoulders, 1ml in pecs, 3ml in quads, 5ml in glutes, those are max for me, so you go less in one injection. And ofc theres no point of running 2g of test, if you reached more than 1g, than its time to up other compounds.

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i run high dose test because i want to get the effect of trenbolone and i dont want buy trenbolone from underground labs because you cant believe anyone in blackmarket sometimes you get real stuff ,sometimes you get fake stuff and sometimes you get underdosed stuff , thats why i have only 1 option left go to pharma grade stuff , thats why i want to run testosterone high doses .

You can run 10grams of test, you wont get the effect of 100mg of tren, completely diferent compound, 19nors etc…In my country we buy legally in pharmacy without script pharma test e, and we also get ugl other compounds, just get the gear thats not bunk, and its completely fine, even generic hgh is close to pharma now.


I would agree. I think this is a bad idea. You’re opening yourself to a whole slew of bad side effects that are going to be tough to manage. Why not lower the test and consider some other friendly compounds to stack with it?

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Test, Deca, primo, anavar, HGH are all prescribed still. Some harder to get than others. Primo and HGH are awesome but insanely expensive.

What… Country is this…

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Several Asian countries sell test and hgh over the counter. Not sure about others.

Im in Serbia in Europe, we have pharmacy that makes Testosteron Depo (ent) 250mg/ml in ampoule, and on whole Balkan you can get it, its cheaper than Aspirin in pharmacies. Like everyone uses it, even the smallest gym buddy, up to heavy bb, even Milos Sarcev told its one of the best test e in the world, also Moldavia has pharmacy for NPP, Primo, Anavar, T3, Clen and a lot more…

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Greece have test e 250, deca 50 and proviron25 or 50 for 3€. .
Then there are country’s like Turkey and Egypt.
Ahhh what a dream, lol

Does bayer still produce primobolan?

Yes. They call it Rimobolan now.

Deca 50 is shit since its so expensive, we have it here but like 400mg of that is whole vial (2g) of good ugl. Btw bayer primo is very faked, and so small production now

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