How much is too much Protein?

I have a dillemma, i weigh 171 pounds and am currently getting approximately 250-300 grams of Protein a day. In some ways this is great, as i am getting results at the speed of light.

But in the long run how will a diet so high in Protein affect me?

I dont smoke or drink any alcohol, so i would imagine this, in some way works to my advantage.

I used to take a Whey Protein Powder but am not anymore because i decided to get all of my Protein from meat, cottage cheese and more meat.

I also take 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate in the mornings, and as i said i am amazed at how quickly i am getting results, but at what cost?

Thanks in advance for your reply’s.

I personally think that whole food protien sorces are best. Powders and MRP’s are great when used to supplement your protien intake but continue your whole food sources. The down side, high protien intake can be hard on the kidneys if you don’t increase water intake. You should be drinking at least 1 gallon of H2O a day. It is harder for you body to digest and process protien, because what ever isn’t processed to be used by the body is turned to waste. Unlike Carbs, they are digested then turned to a sugar, and what ever isn’t used or burned by the body does an additonal conversion of being turned and stored as fat. As long as you maintain a high water intake you should be fine.

No cost. High protein diets have no ill effects on healthy individuals.

Dude, this is a topic that’s been argued over for years…you won’t get a clear cut answer. Most dieticians and health ‘experts’ will argue that the overconsumption of protein will lead to kidney deterioration, bone loss, and even heart disease (cholesterol/saturated fat that comes with the meats). The Inuit Eskimos eat a very high fat/protein diet and don’t have high rates of heart disease, possibly because of the omega-3 fatty acids they ingest with the seal, whale fats. But they do have higher rates of osteoporosis. I could go on and on…the issue is argued over repeatedly, and there’s more to the argument than concern for people’s health (hint…$$$$$)

you’re getting about 1.5g/lb. to 1.75g/lb. of protein and IMO that is a good amount for someone who’s not using anabolics. also, that amount will not be harmful to your health in the future. i suggest you supplement whey protein with your diet. it’s cheap, it’s effective, and it beats eating meat all day. in Protein Roundtable in issue 3, they talk about this issue.

So far as I know, there’s zero evidence that
there is any “cost” to health whatsoever in
consuming this much protein, for individuals
in normal health.

2 words, Protein Roundtable

Read it, understand it, love it!

High protein diets lower serotonin levels. Some
people with high natural serotonin levels will
like that effect as energy may increase (these people typhically say that carbs make you feel tired and dopey). For the unfortunate souls with low natural serotonin levels however, this might lead to depression.

5 words: Ammonia, Homocysteine, and Uric Acid.
These are all byproducts of protein consumption. Ammonia happens during Amino acid de-amination, and can cause Brain damage. Homocystiene is a free radical that can scar blood vessels leading to athersclerotic plaque formation which unfortunately can lead to heart disease or stroke. And Uric acid also known as the cause of “swollen big red toe” disease = gout. These were all taken from Thomas Inclendon article on protien cycling(I tried it did not like it but the article does give some stuff to look out for). For health purposes I would not mind if some of our more learned people who frequent the board could give us some supplements to help with these. From what i’ve seen you should definetly throw in a lot of water for kidney protection, a good b-formula w/folic acid, and some antioxidants to help.