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How Much Is Too Much/Little


I really messed up my shoulder. Been getting therapy/massages/medicine for 2 weeks already and for the next 2-3 weeks I can do no lifting with it at all (read: almost NO exercises at all) Any pressing/pulling with chest/shoulders/ or back aggravates it. Heck, the doctor suggested that I don’t even lift a light grocery bag until the 2-3 weeks has passed…then I can “ease” back into it. It ticks me off but it could be worse…as I said, 2-3 weeks…I guess it’s not THAT bad.

Does any one have any ideas how to ease back into lifting (I usually do high volume/low reps) without damaging it again?

I’ve heard “go easy”…but what exactly does that mean?

Any help would be appreciated

Same advice as always:

See someone that can get a hands-on look at your injury. Be it a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer, they will be able to better help you progress without risking further injury.

For a real injury, consider yourself wounded for a month or more.

While it may suck to not be able to work out seriously for a while, just let it go. You will get back in no time as long as you don’t try too hard and cause reinjury.

Presumably someone will be giving you rehab advice. Simple range of motion movements with no external load may be appropriate before too long.

Get expert advice and don’t rush it.

Once you’re cleared to start working out again, start with low weights and gradually build up. If it hurts, stop. Pain is the body’s way of saying, back off. The worst thing you can do is to try to get back to your normal trainig weights straight away, trust me, that will NOT work. You have to give your body time, don’t rush anything or you’ll be back at square one again…

Trust me, I’ve learnt the hard way because I didn’t listen to those who knew better.

Good luck